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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Idris Jala. The Con Men that Serves Najib Tun Razak

Until 2 weeks ago, 98% Malaysians were under the apprehension that precious resources of this country is being wasted on subsidy.

The main man behind the dissemination of this information is the esteem CEO of PEMANDU (equivalent to a Minister without a Portfolio in the Cabinet), Mr Idris Jala.

He had given a list of subsidies that has been paid out by the government totalling RM74 billion. A staggering sum considering Malaysia being a small nation.

Idris went on to say that should we fail to cut these subsidies, Malaysia will turn into a bankrupt nation by 2019.

The plan is to spread fear of seeing our children eating from garbage cans and sleeping on the streets among the electorate so as to create a mood among the people to accept painful cuts and increase in prices.

Many Malaysians swallowed this bait hook, line and sinker. Many have changed their minds about getting angry with the government for raising the price of petrol. In short, Idris's con has begun to work.


Suddenly, in a budget discussion presented by visiting associate professor Subramaniam Pillay, the truth came out.

True to the saying, "The Truth Shall Set You Free", every Malaysians felt liberated by Subra's presentation.

It turns out, the RM74billion figure quoted by Idris is nothing more than a storyline made by a con men to con people.

Half of RM74 billion (RM40 billion) actually goes into spending on Education and Health. Hardly a form of subsidy by any standard considering Health and Education is the responsibility of the government.

Idris was trying to sell government spending as a form of subdidy. Idris knows that in order to make space for one form of government spending, one is forced not to spend on another spending.

In short, in order to continue spending RM40 billion on healthcare and spending, the government will have to cut spending on other items. Naturally, this will upset the UMNO cronies and UMNOPUTRAs because it will definitely result in the rapid deflation of their respective wallets.

So, the ingenious way of cutting this item is masking it as subsidy and tell the people that subsidy is bad.

Another good point made by Subramaniam is the subsidy on fossil fuel. THe total subsidy spent on Fossil Fuel is RMRM23.5bil.

What Idris Jala conveniently left out is the one little detail about the majority of this subsidy going to the IPP. Out ofg RM23.5 billion, only RM7billion goes to the people. The rest goes to UMNO cronies and UMNOPUTRA in the form of Independent Power Producers(IPP).

Idris also fail to mention the fact that ALL of the RM4.6billion subsidy for infrastructure goes to HIGHWAY CONCESSIONAIRES. It's not a secret that ALL HIGHWAY concessionaires are UMNO's CRONIES. So, essentially, UMNO is subsidizing their cronies.

In short, the bulk of the actual subsidies goes to UMNO's cronies in the form of Highway concessionaires and IPP Producers. We, the people, only get sa small portion of the subsidies which has to be shared among the 27 million people.

Idris Jala is nothing more than a con-men, doing the bidding of his master, Najib TUn Razak, of course for a hefty rewards.

Thank god we have the internet, for the internet helped us to see lies like this very quickly.

Tulang Besi.
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1 comment:

  1. i beg to differ.Idris is a good man.his joy is his blues scales music.
    however,he has never done business.
    his etp has a 5percent success rate.
    the country will go bancrupt!


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