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Monday, July 4, 2011

Indellible Ink: EC and their Lame Excuses

The EC’s Deputy Chairman was quoted as saying:

Wan Ahmad also raised the possibility of voters not wanting their fingers inked and questioned if they would then be barred from voting.
“Disqualifying them would go against their rights,” he said. “I also heard that indelible ink can be easily obtained from Thailand. What if voters ink their fingers themselves before casting their vote? Can you imagine the chaos that will erupt when they are barred from voting?

While the hypothetical scenario made out by the EC’s Deputy Chairman sounds scary, the truth of the matter is it is nothing more than a sad excuse.

In truth, indelible ink is practiced in countries all over the world including our neighbor Indonesia. The Indonesian electorate numbers in the hundreds of millions, multiple times more than the total population of Malaysia.

If the hypothetical scenario quoted by Wan Ahmad is a factor, then the “disaster” would have been observed throughout the Indonesian election.

Yet, not even a whisper of such “problem” was seen or heard in Indonesia despite having an electorate numbering in the hundred of millions.

All I can say is that the Malaysian Electoral Commission has such vivid imagination that the line between fantasy and reality is blur among the EC “Head Honcho”.
My advice to EC top ranking official is to resign and enroll themselves in the nearest psychiatric ward. It’s clear the EC’s top officials are exhibiting signs of clinical insanity.


Wan Ahmad is also quoted as saying:

According to Wan Ahmad, Bersih’s demand that indelible ink be used to prevent voter fraud would make a mockery of Malaysia’s development, not to mention spark chaos on election day.
“Countries that use indelible ink are countries like Indonesia, India, Zambia and Zimbabwe,” he pointed out. “These are countries with more than double the population size of Malaysia and where not all its citizens own identification cards.”
“These countries are not up to our level so why should we adopt their system? This is a choice between progression and regression.”

It maybe backward looking but it’s effective. More importantly, it’s much cheaper than the biometric system Wan Ahmad was campaigning for.

Furthermore, how can the biometric system work when there are an estimated 1 million faulty MyKad in circulation out there. The number is expected to be much higher than that on the count that those in the rural areas have very little use of the chip on the MyKad. So, they may not realize that their MyKad is faulty.

My sources tell me that since the production of the MYKAD is made by a crony company, they have no obligation to produce quality MYKAD as no one would dare to question them.

The government could not even provide proper MyKad for it’s population, how do you expect the biometric system to function effectively?

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  1. Wan Ahmad cuba nak perbodohkan orang Melayu. Hello Wan tolong jgn beri alasan bodoh ye. Tiada siapa yg akan elak guna dakwat kekal kecuali munafik yg nak mengundi lebih drp sekali. IC pun banyak palsu nak guna biometrik pulak. Wan demo tu penjawat awam bukan ajk umno. Nampaknya Wan Ahmad nak jadi pengkhianat rakyat Malaysia!!!

  2. Ya, betul lah tu.
    Kenapa agaknya negara-negara maju tak guna dakwat juga? Macam Singapore , Germany , Sweden , Jepun etc.

    Kenapa ? Kenapa ? Kenapa ?

    Kenapa tak ikut mereka? Kenapa ikut negara tak maju?

  3. According to Margeemar, the Agong is being used by Umno to stop Bersih 2.0 from taking place. Umno knows it will be finished if Bersih 2.0 takes place. I personally don’t see the Agong or the rest of the Malay Rulers being neutral here. The Malay Rulers and Umno need each other. Bersih 2.0 MUST go on no matter what the Agong says. I suggest you read this


  4. tak ada sapa yg bodo nak pi celup dakwat tu sebelum mengundi, hanya org kurang siuman kot.

    macam2 alasan bodoh, tujuan guna dakwat supaya dpt beza org yg dah mengundi dgn org yg belum, apa masalahnya??? ingat semua org bodoh senang nak dikelentong. mati besok jwplah di mahkamah Allah, wahai ketua SPR, takkan nak tongkat langit, aku doa hang mampus cepat2 biar kena seksa dlm kubur lagi.


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