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Friday, November 4, 2011

"Gay Right" is a Myth

What constitute a right? A right is something that is due to a group or a person by nature or by law.

As we all know there isn't a shred of evidence which proves that human beings are born gay. None whatsoever.

Therefore, can anyone claim to have natural rights to being gay when one being gay is an act of choice rather than being "forced" into becoming a "gay".

In other words, homosexuals are those who either chose to be homosexuals or they were socially conditioned to become gay.

It's a totally different concept altogether as compared to being Black or being disabled. People cannot choose which race they want to belong to or to be normal if they were born disabled.

But, human beings have the choice between becoming homosexuals or not homosexuals.

Morover, how can homosexuality be a right when change of sexual orientation is possible?

It's different when you are Black, for example. No amount of theraphy can change your race.

But, it seems, people with homosexual orientation can actually change their sexual orientation.

I have always been following a website belonging to an organization called "National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality(NARTH)

It is one of the most intellectual website that addresses the issue of homosexuality.

What is a fact that cannot be denied by anyone including "gay rights" activists is the fact that homosexuals can be consilled and treated into becoming normal again.

NARTH is dedicated towards this cause.

I believe that instead of wasting time fighting for something that is a myth, at best, the people behind "Sexualiti Merdeka" should instead fight for funding for gays to undergo treatment and councilling.

This is to help them to lead a better life in the future.

From my readings, i've learned that homosexuality is a social disease. That is why the people of Lot was destroyed by God. It was not necessarily an display of God's wrath. Rather, it was a move by the Almighty to save humanity. If the practice of homosexuality was allowed to flourish and continue, humanity will experience a slow and painful death. For the people of Lot, there was no turning back. They cannot change their ways and they cannot stop their practice of buggery. They had to be stopped by God. Let us not make the same mistake as the people of Lot.

Lastly, just because the something comes from the West, it does not make them right.

Many years from now, those who tread on the path of homosexuality will look back into their spent life and discovered that they have wasted precious time. Instead of raising a family and having children and grandchildren, they will end up alone and dejected. They will end up having no one to love them and no one to give their love to. Homosexuality offers only short term gratification. Nothing more.

In short, Gay rights is a myth. It should not be anyone's agenda.

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  1. The problem with human beings is they have moralized everything.religion,Politics,everyhting.Humans,powered by ego,ignorance,selfisihness, have turned everything upside down,and the result is,we humans are responsible for all sorts of conflicts and chaos.And humans dont seem to learn.The religious types think they have more wisdom,knowledge than GOD himself,the politicians think,they are the ultimate rulers,the intellectuals,and scientist think,their theories,mental gymnastics equals to absolute truth or reality.Who knows, if human being continue to behave like super duper ego freaks,they will end up like the dinosaurs.

  2. Plz,declare fatwa against these critters...

    Btw bro,i wanna ask u.How come holy moly morally correct Pkaistani muslims was responsbile for genocide in Bangldesh?

    Next question.Why is that arab men practice cheek kissing?Isnt this practice against "moral islam"?

  3. Religion is a choice. Shall we make the claim that religious discrimination is illusory because religious affiliation is not innate or that freedom of religion doesn't fall within the purview of rights because it is not immutable?

    My hair color is biologically determined, but I can change it. The fact that my native language is English is environmentally determined, but I can't change it. (Of course I could learn a new language, but given my age it would never totally subsume my native language.) The point is that a trait's being acquired doesn't mean it isn't deep.

    What I do know is that I’ve had these feelings a long time, and they’re a significant part of who I am. Whether I have them because of genetics, or early childhood influences, or some complex medley of factors is a question for scientists—not columnists, rock stars or politicians.

    The question "Is it a choice or biological?" involves gross oversimplification. Homosexuality is both, and neither, depending on what one means.

    Although we don't choose our romantic feelings, homosexuality (like heterosexuality) certainly involves choices-about whether and how and with whom to express those feelings.

    At the same time, homosexuality (like heterosexuality) surely has biological underpinnings. We're flesh-and-blood creatures. At some level, everything about us is biological, regardless of what causal story about sexual orientation one accepts.

    But don't we need to prove we're "born this way" to show that homosexuality is "natural"? Not at all. I wasn't born speaking English, or practicing religion, or writing comments on this blog-yet none of these is "unnatural" in any morally relevant sense.

    In any event, it's interesting you're a follower of NARTH which is a biased source whose agenda is to smear gays and lesbians. Would you be convinced if I linked you to HRC or some pro-gay website to try to convince you? Why not we try this again and this time with a neutral, actually-scientific source that generates empirical studies like the National Institutes of Health.

    Nonetheless, these dogmas about whether it's a choice or "born this way" have no bearing on our rights.

  4. Intellectual and moral versions of spiritual truths have corrupted humans,and in our country,where "tuhan hanya dudduk ataih,is even worse,because religious pundits like to act as god's enforcement officers.They believe in their own egoistic,limited version of divine realities.They dont do any form of deep spiritual exercises,but clever to berlagak tokoh ugamawan.Sheer hypocits!!!There is a single blue print,but that blue print of THE ONE has variety of grades(for example the levels of heaven,earth mentioned both in the holy quran and the vedas/upanishads)."Gay/lesbo" love is just love expressed in a very crude/physical manner.So many poets,artists have "gay tendencies but are not gay(Brian Eno for example).In fact many of the so called "normal/straight" behavior's are gayish waat,for example many have the tendency to picit tetek lelaki and "hunting" pondans for a quick "isap" and imo, "sekuality merdeka" is not bout secularisme vs religious fanatics(both are sh!t heads).The time has now come to regard those "queers" as human being who have feelings and who have been shamed wrongly for far too long.


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