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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Show of Force all for a Local Government By-Law?

The fact of the matter is, the only reason why people were prevented from entering Dataran Merdeka is because of a local government by-law known as "Local Government (Dataran Merdeka) (Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur) By-Laws 1992". 

The law is far from being part of the Penal Code and usually breaking laws like this will only result in a fine. Tunku Aziz of the DAP was harping about BERSIH not following the law. 

For the reader's kind attention, the law that TUnku Aziz was referring to is not even a law, but a mere by-law. The police was using all the force at their disposal to beat up protestors, fire tear gas on them, kick protestors, punch protestors and many more. 

And all for a local council by laws that is supposed to be punishable by a mere issue of summons. What I saw last Saturday was evidence of how the UMNO government would subvert the law for their political and electoral survival.

 In fact, law enforcement was the last thing on their mind. The police was used to punish innocent, defenseless and unarmed civilians to punish them for expressing their opposition to the government of the day. 

 And an imbecile like TUnku Aziz of the DAP is either blind or just plain ignorant of these facts so much so he is willing to lend a helping hand to the bullies and thugs. It's time Kit Siang kick the guy out of DAP. 

 Tulang Besi.
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  1. Tunku Aziz agen UMNO

  2. KIT, pls KICK the Trojan/Mole out before he does more damages!

  3. When a Bahalol craze for Leadership, the Bahalol will stoop as low as a Mongkey simply for the popularity publicity. That's why Bahalols is a Bahalol, not Mongkey as Monkey. Interesting...


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