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Sunday, October 28, 2012

People's Wages Is Never On UMNO's Agenda

An interesting comment was left by a reader recently, which I would like to share with everyone:
Anonymous said...
When I graduated and started work it paid just over RM1k. Now my son graduated look for job, it's about more or less the same! Is this a joke or what?
Our staple food bread here is RM2.10 where i got a slightly bigger wheat bread while in SYDNEY recently for A$0.88,a 2-litre fresh milk/orange juice A$2, a well marinated fat whole chicken A$10.The grapes and fruits price are unbelievable even to us tourists. Can somebody, anyone do something right to help us all struggling with alarming high food prices?
Let's forget about wanting the tallest,biggest this that for once and put some cheap bread on the table for simple folks.
October 28, 2012 3:12 PM
I assume that the reader started work about 30 years ago. Which means, in 30 years the level of wages in this country has not changed much. 

What has changed is the cost of living. Back then when the commenter above started work, the average cost of a car is about RM20000 (a Toyota Corrolla back then cost about RM20k). 

Now, a crappy Proton Wira would cost us RM60k and it's one of the lowest quality car in the market according to JD Powers. 


Go and check all of Mahathir's economic speeches from past and you will see he hardly mention anything about wages and how the government plans to increase them. 

To put it simply, it has never been part of Mahathir's or UMNO's agenda to align salaries with cost of living. UMNO is content to allow corporations and big businesses to determine the rate of wages they feel like paying.

This is because the people is always last on UMNO's mind. The corporate leaders, cronies, people with big monies are the people that UMNO care about. After all, the people has only one function to UMNO and that is to vote for them once every five years. The rest of the time, the people are nothing but a nuisance to UMNO.

Before 2008, UMNO has nothing to worry about. No matter what UMNO does, the people will keep on voting for them. Before 2008, UMNO can step, trample, spit and bruise the people, Malaysians will keep coming back for more.

In short, before 2008, UMNO has little concern about about the stagnating wages of the people. They have no motivation to get themselves worried about the people since caring for the cronies are more rewarding.


After the 2008 shock treatment, BN under Najib for the first time begins to show concern about the level of wages among the people.

Suddenly, the UMNO President is planning to turn Malaysia into a High Income nation.

However, not only the call sounds completely insincere and absolutely desperate, many Malaysians now believes that the only way for wages to increase is to replace UMNO with another government altogether.

So long as UMNO remains in power, there will be no change. Wages will continue to stagnate and cronies will continue to become richer.

I am sorry UMNO, but you had more than 25 years to take care of the people's wages. I believe giving you another 4 years will not bring any significant change. We will be stuck with the same empty promises and slogans


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