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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Selangor Must Have Different Working Days than KL

It took me 1.5 hours just to get to where I was going today. All because i have to be there at 0900 hrs. I don't want to comment on the fact that traffic problem is the product of UMNO/BN National Car Policy. 

The then Mahathir government had used significant amount of people's money to build roads and more roads. The idea is to make people buy more and more cars (specifically PROTON). 

 Such precious money would have been much more effective if they were used to build the MRT. Imagine if Mahathir never lauched the crack pot project we have come to know as PROTON. Without PROTON, Malaysians would have:
1.0 An extensive and bigger MRT system because the project would have started in the early 80's.
2.0 Cheap and affordable cars. When PROTON was first launched, the price of Toyota Corrolla was RM20k per car.
3.0 More and more resources would have been spent on efficient public transport
4.0 Much less traffic jam, unlike now.
5.0 Less headaches and heartaches
As a stop-gap measure, while waiting for the new MRT extension to be ready, I would like to propose that the Selangor government change their working days to Sunday-Thursdays while Wilayah Persekutuan remains Monday-Friday. 

This will ensure that at least one day in a week, the roads will be free from crippling traffic jam in the morning and evening. It might also save fuel usage since one day in a week, workers will be able to go to work smoothly without traffic jam 

Also, corporations would also benefit because employees will take less off days to handle personal matters like banking, JPJ and many more. The local economy will benefit too because people will have more time to shop and mingle.

Of course, in addition to this, the government should also push for telecommuting, working from home. I am sure with pervalent telecommuting, morning traffic can be reduced by at least 20%. 

But Mahathir/UMNO government would never favor it because that would mean less people will buy his precious low quality PROTON. In conclusion, two of the temporary measures that can be done immediately is to change the working days in Selangor and encourage telecommuting 

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