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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Kelantan Unisex Salon Ban Was Meant to Curb Prostitution

MCA has gone to town trying to capitalize on the Unisex Salon ban in Kelantan. Despite the fact that the ban has existed since 1991, the MCA is still hoping to cash in on the issue.

I am not surprised by MCA's resistance considering their President has gotten more than just a haircut from somebody of the opposite sex.

Joke aside, Kelantan share a physical border with Thailand. Among others, Thailand is well known for their prostitution industry or otherwise known as "flesh trade".

When PAS took over Kelantan back in 1990, one of the common marketing tactics of the prostitution is through unisex salon. The prostitutes will normally act as hair stylists. The contact between hair stylists and male customers is used to market their product namely their bodies.

So, in an aggressive move to clamp down on prostitution, the PAS government then banned all unisex salon completely.

In addition to that, all massage parlors in Kelantan is banned in addition to tearing down all existing vice dens i.e. the spot where KB Mall stands now use to be a famous prostitution den when Barisan Nasional ruled.

Therefore, despite being neighbors with one of the biggest prostitution den in the world (Thailand), the incidence of the flesh trade is negligible throughout Kelantan and especially in Kota Baru.

People from Kelantan are forced to drive over the border to get the services from prostitutes. Why? because prostitution is next to non-existent in Kelantan and Kota Baru.

MCA tries to extrapolate the ban to cover Selangor and the rest of Malaysia. The trouble is the rest of Malaysia does not share a border with Thailand, which has one of the biggest sex industry in the world (except Perlis and Kedah)

I believe MCA is just bitter. Their President is a porno actor and it is their duty to defend acts of sexual deviance.

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