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Saturday, June 27, 2015

PKR's Holy Alliance with PAS Will Ultimately Destroy PKR

Haji Abdul Hadi Awang has proven himself to be a dishonourable and unprincipled politician.

He has no qualms about breaking his promise and going back on his words and he does so with "divine" justification taken from his direct contact with the Prophet.

He commits these lies without any qualms simply because he justification for doing so is derived from the Quran and Sunnah.

For instance, he has no hesitation in lying to his partners in Pakatan Rakyat because hudud is a teaching derived from the Quran and Sunnah, hence lying to get hudud implemented is a justification condoned by God.

His followers do not mind one bit of his lying and cheating since they were told his actions were devined sanctioned considering the man meets the Prophet in his dreams. He gets his marching orders directly from the Prophet himself.

Hadi Awang is a perfect Machivelian considering his ability to mask his Machivelian actions behind the mask of religion. All his Machivelian actions are deemed devine inspired since he talks to the Prophet directly in his sleep. In short, he is able to fuse Machivelian teachings with that of the Prophet SAW (albeit not through his teachings but through direct contact with the Prophet himself in his dreams)

For the MB of Selangor to put his trust in Haji Hadi is clearly acme of naivety since anywhere down the road "the Prophet" will appear in Haji Hadi's dream instructing him to break all ties with PKR and Azmin Ali and instead install Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim once again as the MB of Selangor.

Haji Hadi Awang will not think twice should the chance present itself to replace Azmin Ali with Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim. He will say that he is ordered to do so by the Prophet in one of his meetings with the Prophet Muhammad that happened when he was fast asleep.

Not to mention the repeat of 2004 where PKR's continued ties with PAS cost PKR so many seats across the country due to the massive loss of CHinese and Indian votes.

In short, Hadi Awang is never a person to be trusted. He lies and he cheats and he does so without any feelings of guilt or fear of retribution.

He has a small band of followers that believes in everything he does to be Divine inspired.
Unless the MB of Selangor himself can speak to to Prophet Muhammad directly he will have a hard time fending off any form of treachery done by Haji Hadi and his band of divine inspired misfits.

It is no wonder that Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim has openly declared his intention to the MB seat that he had once lost. He has every right to be confident since he knows "God" is on his side.

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