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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

No Proof PAS Wants UMNO Toppled in GE14

Why does PKR continue to assume that PAS wants what PKR wants: the removal of UMNO from government?

PAS is enjoying themselves right now with everything UMNO has afforded them i.e.

1) Absolute amnesty from any forms of attacks by UMNO's massive machinery i.e. JKKK, Kemas, JKM and many more.
2) Continuous positive coverage from UMNO's mega media conglomerates i.e. TV3, TV9, Utusan, NST, The Star, Berita Harian etc
3) Kelantan government getting everything they want from the Federal government i.e. Federal government had wipe out 56m of debt of Kelantan Water
4) Najib seems to be giving in to PAS demands for hudud but we have to wait until October to be sure. THey already allowed Hadi's to present his motion.

And there are many more that I am not liberty to say out in public.

The point is, how sure is PKR of PAS's intention and resolve to topple UMNO from government??

Openly Hadi refused to blame Najib for 1MDB. This is tacit support for Najib that Hadi is displaying.

There has been zero mobilization by PAS on the 1MDB issue. There has been no outcry or anger from PAS at all on the issue.

Everybody is silent and toeing Hadi's line.

Of late, we have not heard anything resembling to PAS opposing UMNO. In fact, PAS and UMNO are getting more intimate.

In the long run with, Malaysia becoming more Malay, it makes more sense for PAS to work with UMNO then jump into the wilderness of uncertainties proposed by PKR. The money's better too plus Hadi can become Deputy Prime Minister.

What can PKR offer to PAS that UMNO cannot offer better?

Is PKR willing to give Hadi the PM or DPM seat?

By continuing to work with PAS, PKR will only make itself weaker.

PAS on the other hand will not afford any support to PKR in return.

After all, in 2013 PAS had openly sabotaged PKR in Machang, Tanah Merah and Ketereh seats.

They have the ability to stop their voters from voting PKR and make them vote UMNO instead. 

If they had done it in Kelantan then they surely will be able to do it at the national level.

How long more do we have to wait before PKR comes to it's senses?

At this point, PKR is just assuming that PAS share the intention.

What a fool believes, as the saying goes

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