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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Tak Sampai 90 Undi Rupanya. Patutlah Takut Sangat.......

“They have less than 90 MPs”
one source who has been in the thick of the carpet-bagging of the past few weeks has confided to Sarawak Report

Laporan Sarawak Report mendedahkan Azmin dan Muhyiddin hanya confirm kurang dari 90 undi sahaja di Parlimen untuk memenangi undi kepercayaan kepada Perdana Menteri.

Kesan nya amat buruk pada Malaysa kerana ini membuktikan Muhyiddin adalah Perdana Menteri haram.

Kalau haram maka para peminjam wang akan menghadapi masalah meminjamkan wang kepada Malaysia. 

Tiada siapa yang akan meminjamkan wang kepada pemerintah yang haram dan tidak sah.  Ataupun paling kurang tidak stabil kedudukan mereka.

Dah 3 bulan Muhyiddin dan Azmin membahagi harta kekayaan negara milik rakyat Malaysia kepada pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO sebagai ganti kepada sokongan. Rasuah yang terang-terang.

Kedudukan GLC yang begitu kritikal pada Malaysia dibahagi bahagi kpd perompak dan penyamun.

Tapi malangnya masih lagi gagal mendapat sokongan yang padu dan jitu.

Lepas ni tidak tau apa lagi yang mereka akan gadai demi mendapat sokongan.

Muhyiddin pun dah ditangkap menipu kononnya keluarnya BERSATU dari PH adalah keputusan parti padahal ianya hanyalah keputusan dia seorang diri sahaja.

Muhyiddin nama sahaja anak ulama tapi penipu.


Peristiwa ramainya wakil2 rakyat Melayu yang berpaling tadah menunjukkan bangsa Melayu mudah dibeli dan dirasuah.

Sampai bila lah bangsa Melayu takkan maju dan ke hadapan serta mengawal ekonomi di tanah air sendiri.

TULANG BESI tidak bertanggungjawab di atas setiap pandangan dan pendapat yang diutarakan melalui laman sosial dan halaman komen blog ini. Ia adalah pandangan peribadi pemilik akaun dan tidak semestinya menggambarkan pandangan dan pendirian blog ini

Azmin's Gas Tank Is Showing Red On The Dial And Starting To Flicker.....

13 May 2020

The constitution demands that a new prime minister, once nominated by the Agong, must seal his legitimacy by proving his majority in Parliament (the supreme ruling body of Malaysia in its capacity as the representative of the will of the people).

The constitution assumes that this would be an immediate process following nomination, but, just in case, it rules that there must be no gap of more than six months between sessions and that date comes up on May 18th. Having postponed this reckoning for as long as he constitutionally can ‘PM8′ called the sitting on the last day possible under the law.

Even so, he has used the excuse of Covid 19 to attempt to turn the event into a sham showcase rather than a genuine sitting.

Parliament is needed to legitimise the massive increases in the public budget and to legitimise the proposed ‘PM8′. All over the world parliaments have sat and debated such emergency packages during the Covid 19 crisis in order to give legitimacy to the further borrowing being authorised by governments to get countries through the pandemic.

Except Malaysia, where the increasingly panicked coup coalition have realised they still can’t make up their numbers and have been postponing parliament to avoid the danger of being voted out on their ears before they ever legally take up their ministerial positions and fancy self-awarded GLC jobs.

What this crucially means is that ‘PM8′ has failed to legitimise Malaysia’s increased borrowing plans, which means the country’s coffers are running out of juice to pay for all the expenses of Covid 19. And in parallel the desperado Azmin Ali, who hiked ‘PM8′ along with him into the front seat of his runaway political coup is starting to hear his own engine splutter.

The strategy for the May 18th showcase sitting had been to achieve the bogus legitimacy these chancers craved by producing the full shoulder-rubbing pomp and ceremony of a royal opening of Parliament, which could then be showcased on TV as if to confirm the position of ‘PM8′ before (they hoped) budget was raced through without debate and parliament could then be shut for another six months – as if that stuck to the constitutional rules, which it doesn’t. It was a blatant hoax intended to fool enough people for them to continue to pretend to be the government and dig into what money there was to share.

Naturally, the majority ‘opposition’ parties (that status is yet to be confirmed in the absence of a vote) have pushed back. Quite rightly, they have tabled a vote of No Confidence in ‘PM8′ and quite rightly the Speaker complied. With out much doubt any budget would have been treated with the same respect, had ‘PM8′ failed to rally a majority, – i.e. it would be voted down until matters were arranged to the satisfaction of most MPs.

Once the Speaker made his ruling, the coup conspirators and their leader Azmin, realised they were staring calamity in the face. The plan wasn’t going to work now the temporarily divided opposition, earlier shocked by the treachery of Azmin and of ‘PM8′, had rallied their ranks.

The further unmasking of Muhyiddin’s duplicity with an audio released in the past few hours proving how he had pledged his loyalty to Mahathir at the Bersatu Supreme Council meeting only to within hours hitch himself to Azmin’s ‘Sheraton Move’ in return for the top job, has cemented the situation.

No one can any longer in doubt as to who betrayed who along with their voters.

Muhyiddin has likewise in the past couple of days been caught out attempting a secret convening of Bersatu further back-stabbing exercise, by voting out his former boss and allies in their absence. Party rank and file have responded by demanding he and his fellow conspirator MPs should themselves be voted out of the party for betraying its stated principles and swapping sides without consulting the membership itself.

This same divided and treacherous crew are likewise resented by the bigger parties in the PN coalition, which they have demanded to lead as their reward for betraying their own side. That resentment is heightened by the hard reality that neither ‘Moo’ nor Azmin himself, the architect of all these moves, have actually succeeded in bringing with them enough promised MPs to make a majority, let alone win this No Confidence motion or get through a budget.

“They have less than 90 MPs”

one source who has been in the thick of the carpet-bagging of the past few weeks has confided to Sarawak Report, and that is after weeks of attempting to bribe MPs over and seduce the rag tag of rivalling PN parties with jobs and bribes.

So, today a panic reaction, once again in the name of Covid 19, which would cause laughter if the situation were not so grave. The Puppet ‘PM8′ has issued an order that for ‘safety reasons’ only the opening ceremony can be held for this Parliamentary sitting demanded under the constitution – absolutely no actual business whatsoever in terms of votes or budgets.

We can't allow a vote because we would lose it!

We can’t allow a vote because we would lose it!

This from a leader whose deputy Azmin Ali has spent the past week threatening states with legal action if they delay in sending people back to work immediately. People must get to work and MPs must come to Parliament, but the MPs must not work, says Azmin.

Zero Credibility And Now Running On Fumes

The Azmin/Muhyiddin credibility graph has taken a fatal blow from such blatant cowardliness today and for using such a pathetic worn excuse just as the rest of the country is being told to get to work.

However, as SR has earlier pointed out, this is a coalition led and supported by desperate fellows who are living from day to day following an ill-founded attempt to snatch power as a last resort to to attempt to bludgeon a way out of their own political difficulties and tussles with the law.

They may hang on to live another day at the wheel of the runaway truck that is the PN Government, by avoiding the issues and defying the constitution and refusing to let Parliament vote on an excuse the entire world can see as a nonsense last minute change of mind, after themselves relaxing the rules on Covid, to save their necks.

However, if they do survive Monday and start to claim their bogus opening ceremony has somehow ‘legitimised’ their government, no one knows better than the man in the driving seat of this runaway cab and his hapless passenger PM, that the dial has run dangerously low on that flickering fuel gauge and they are on borrowed time with the engine starting to splutter and slow.

They know that Malaysia’ finances are running out and borrowing is a problem when you have no cred. It is why they earlier tried to risk abiding by the law and voting through the budget, before they realised the opposition had re-grouped, and it is why Azmin is threatening people to risk their safety by going back to work (except MPs).

For Malaysia Inc to continue to be able to pay the bills it needs to be able to extend its deficit, which means persuading the finance folk to lend them money. This the ‘PM8′ government will not be able to do, whatever blandishments Azmin seeks to bring, if ‘PM8′ has proven himself too scaredy cat to call a legitimising vote.

Who lends to an illegitimate concern? What security will the world of international finance and analysis decide pertains to a country with an unstable transition government following a minority coup?

It hardly helps that the country’s greatest asset, the value of its oil, has just fallen through the floor or that senior members of the coup coalition are world famous financial criminals. Petronas’s ability to contribute to the government’s revenue has just roughly halved this year and any money there is in vulnerable to proven kleptocrats once more.

At some point, therefore (one suggests very soon) the fuel is simply going to run out on Azmin’s runaway truck. The money to bail out Malaysia will only become available when it can be legitimately lent and borrowed and that takes proof of a Parliamentary majority.

Azmin and Moo have simply failed to pull that one together. Others have it, not the.
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  1. Kalau media sarawak report sigundik mangkuk tua tu akan jadi kitab suci mahacai2 dapigs....hihihi

    Raykat dah tak kesah dah kalau atok ambik kerajaan hanceng dia tu balik. Raykat dah sedar dah mainan atok serta dapigs.

    Pru15 nanti akan berlaku gelombang yg akan menghapuskan legasi 22tahun 22bulan tu sekaligus. Termasuk puak lgbt yg taksub dgn seorg pendubur serta khadam2 dapigs.....

    1. Sia2 saja ko berpuasa

    2. haram ke tak haram, tapi pemerintahan dia lebih baik 90undi tu boleh berubah jadi 97 undi esok lusa. Ko apa tau, tengah musim covid ni pun nak bising. Perangai macam atok tua bangkai

    3. Dpt sokongan 2/3 pon rakyat dah tak kesah..cai
      Biarlah ph ambik balik kerajaan yg sgt prihatin dgn nasib rakyat ketika wabak nie...

      Klu nak harapkan atok..mahunya dia jemput berjuta2 rakyat negara wabak dtg ke negara kita.


    1. Kelentong mangkuk tua dah tak laku.Permainan persepsi negatif dan memburukkan lawan cuma muslihat utk mengukuhkan kuasa.
      Begitu juga khadam2 dapigs yg bersungguh2 dianjengkan agar periuk nasi mrk terus berasap.

      Apa saja yg keluar dari mulut mangkuk2 tua dan mangkuk2 ayun yg menjilat duburnya hanya manifesto yg bukan kitab suci.
      Umpama sembang kedai kopi tanpa fakta yg sahih. Itulah modal mrk setakat ini. Lebih dpd itu hanya fitnah belaka.
      Tak sedar akal dah dimamah usia...bertobatlah wahai mangkuk tua sblm ko ditobatkan oleh anjeng2 yg berdiri di belakang ko.

      Ko fitnah org..ko kena laknat dan makin gila meroyan.
      Ko tibai belakang org yg sukarela letak ko jadi pm7...ko akan kena laknat sehingga gila meroyan....

      Bersaralah kerana dah makin hina dah rakyat tengok muka ko sekeluarga.

      Proksi dan kroni ko dah kaya raya...mrk hanya mempergunakan ko selagi ko masih bernyawa.

    2. sarawak report punya cerita satu malaysia sudah tau mereka adalah pro PH.dia org ingat rakyat malaysia senaang nak percaya.kesian . nak pasang jerat rupanya pelanduk dah tau jerat ada di situ.

  3. Jujurnya rakyat tak kesah kalau ph ambik balik tampuk kerajaan.
    Dah rindu nak melihat mantan menteri-menteri bangang phanceng beraksi kembali.
    Rakyat dah tahu fakta di sebalik 'negara dah bangkrap dan hutang lebih 1trillion'.....hihihi

  4. Nyampah lah kisah yg memihak kpd PH ni...
    Mmg aku dah tak suka PH dan semua yg nak jawatan tuuu..

  5. Replies
    1. Org bodoh nie menulis dgn penuh fakta.
      Org cerdik dlm ph menulis tanpa fakta dan penuh ilusi serta fitnah.

      Biar jadi bodoh asalkan jangan jadi cerdik tapi mudah diperbodohkan.

    2. berbelit lu bai... cerdik? bodoh? fakta? jadah ni? kah kah kah... akai kat pungkoq ka? cakap biar terang...

    3. Kalau nak sangat cakap yg terang...
      Ko ikut pemimpin ko ke jalanan minta balik mandat rakyat yg pemimpin korang dah kencing..bhai

      Aku sokong ko bhai...
      Kalau tak cukup sokongan...mgkin boleh bawa pengundi2 hantu bersama korang di jalanan nanti
      Gerenti meletop!!!


  6. Jujurnya rakyat tak nak tun mangkuk jadi pm9..
    Manusia penipu dan penuh muslihat..

    Lagi satu...dia kejam. Sanggup fitnah lawan dia demi kuasa. Dia sanggup guna mahkamah dunia untuk aniaya lawan sambil kecam membuta tuli.

    Siapa yg masih nak jilat bontot tua kerepot tu umpama saka yg gila darah.
    Bodoh dan bangang!!!

    Anwar Ibrahim...ko dah kena tibai banyak kali dah oleh mangkuk tua tu. Kalau ko masih nak jilat muka orang tua tu sah ko memang bangang sama dgn cina dapigs!!!!

  7. Anwar dah isytihar dirinya sebagai pengerusi ph dan ketua pembangkang.
    Wlpun ada konsesus yg cuba mencabar keputusan tersebut ia adalah luar dpd kuasa ph.



    Tun...apa komen tun?

    1. Nuar pun akan kempunan.. Nuar mmg barua Dap

  8. Semoga kekal bahagia till janna nick dan juga baik2 sayang waliband serta diberikan hidayah sakinah mawaddah mira filzah tiz zaqiah serta tenang di sana menanti di sini menunggu di persimpangan dilema diambang wati

  9. mana pernah ada salam sejarah penulis pro pembangkang menulis benda yang baik tentang kerajaan, klu benda ni pun rakyat tk boleh fikir memang otak lembu betul le tu, YDPA dh jalankan tugas baginda dgn baik utk selesaikan masalah kerajaan yg kabinetnya melarikan diri, saya sokong YDPA

    1. Tunggu lim kit sial jadi maharaja baru korang boleh sanggah keputusan ydpa.

      Nampak sgt tak hormat perlembagaan.

      Tak heran...mandat raykat lagi kan mrk kencing ramai2...apa lah sangat perlembagaan yg menyatukan rakyat.

      Bosan lah dgn perangai manusia hilang ingatan nie...

  10. bukan sepatutnya bulan puasa spesis editor ni kena rantai ke? ni macam mana boleh terlepas ni. masalah masalah

  11. Mengaku pon ngko dlm forum punca kegagalan kerajaan ph adalah komunikasi dan pengendalian ekonomi yg sangat lemah.

    Bayangkan kalau bajet ransangan atok/tokong sebanyak rm20billion digunakan dlm pkp skrg ini rasanya ramai yang hilang kewarasan.
    Kemudian sibuk melayan perebutan kuasa antara parti.

    Sangat lemah dan yang peliknya ada hati nak minta balik mandat.Skrg ada hati nak ke jalanan pulak...silakan..silakan

    Bawa sekali minah yg promosi o ring jadi maskot jelajah jalanan korang. Gerenti mantap apatah lagi bergabung dgn armpitgay bershit 2.0.

  12. For goodness sake, why don't you highlight the root cause that triggered tha breakdown of PH, in the first instance.

  13. SOP pkp, pkpd dan pkpb dah nampak hala tuju kerajaan pn menangani wabak. Dulu ada pc kerajaan ph mcm serabut. Mcm tiada mesyuarat.

    Bila usaha mrk nak menyelamat fiskal ekonomi negara pasca wabak rasanya nampak jujur dan ikhlas.

    Kalau ada kekurangan tak lah seteruk kerajaan lalu. Asyik nak salahkan najib. Mcmlah najib yg jemput lebih sejuta rakyat negara wabak dtg ke negara kita. Lawak....


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