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Showing posts with label ISA. Show all posts

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rumors On The Recent ISA Arrests

These are some rumors that I have picked up with regards to the recent ISA arrests.

1.0 The recent arrest is to provoke a racial and religous instability. Apparently, that will pave way for a MAGERAN. This is to ensure the continuation of the current UMNOPUTRA rule in Malaysia.

2.0 Apparently, the arrest is not the handiwork of the BN government. It is the single handed effort by the Police. Even Syed Hamid Albar is taken by surprise of these moves.

3.0 The Sin Chew reporter is forced to be released. The Chinese parties in Barisan Nasional is fuming and if she is not released, in the coming weeks we will see voluntary movement of Chinese BN parties MP's into Pakatan Rakyat, en massed.

4.0 It might be that the current arrests is engineered by someone in the PM office without the knowledge of the PM or Syed Hamid Albar.

5.0 Teresa Kok is lucky to have published a denial on the azan issue. In fact, Pakatan Rakyat is lucky to have handled the issue a few days before the ISA arrest. Now, despite the arrest of Teresa Kok, the "sensitive religous issue" cannot be exploited anymore. I pray that God protects Teresa Kok while she is in her incarceration.

6.0 Pak Lah leadership is facing major breakdown in the face of the upcoming threat of government change. It seems that the committee that is supposed to acheive 3 objectives (refer to my earlier article entitle " How the UMNOPUTRA Elites Are Fighting Back? ". It seems the committee has broken into factions now and AAB is unable to unite them. But one thing for sure, they are all desperate.

7.0 As for the government change, apparently the number of MP's willing to shift is increasing as we speak. But I have sworn to secrecy and cannot divulge more. Suffice to say things are progressing as plan.

8.0 As for Raja Petra, I unequivocally call for his immediate release. I call upon the authorites to charge him in Shariah court where he is able to defend himself. As such, proper due process will be provided to him, where he is completely entitled to.

It's a pity that Raja Petra had taken the ways of the Anti Hadeeth/Anti Islam sects. Otherwise, such move by the BN government would invoke more sympathy among the majority of the Muslim population.

It's hard to defend Raja Petra now since his anti Islam stance is beyond any reasonable doubt. But, the proper procedure is to charge him in Shariah Court not invocation of the ISA.

9.0 PAS members and leaders has felt the end of the spear of the ISA ( otherwise known as Akta Ikut Suka Aku). But rest assure, in Islam, the cry for justice will be listened by Allah SWT even if the cry comes from an unbeliever.

PERSONAL NOTE: Malaysiawaves have been harping repeatedly about the dangers of touching on "sensitive issues". Many disaprove of my argument. Some even say that I am projecting orthodox and narrow brand of Islam. Now it seems all my effort is vindicated. The powers that be are desperate. Their only hope of remaining in power is through chaos and breakdown in order. Such sensitive religous issues is the fuel that will light the fire. Thus, proving that the Bar Council forum serve no purpose but that of the corrupt regime of Malaysia.

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