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Showing posts with label Israel. Show all posts

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

When Israel Bombs and Kills Civilians, It's Not Terrorism?

Gaza is now under-siege and under constant barrage of Israeli artillery and heavy weapon fire. Not to mention lethal and indiscriminate airstrikes which almost surely will claim and already claimed numerous innocent lives. And the world just sits and watch as Israel release their massive firepower (courtesy of USA military industrial complex) on innocent women and children.

The sad thing is, and it's more of a double standard if you ask me, the world and especially Malaysians, was more voiceferous during the Mumbai terrorist strike as compared to what the Israelis are doing right now. There is very little condemnation coming from the various Human Rights groups as well. In fact there is hardly any worth mentioning.

The various liberal and human right and feminists group based in Washington DC and New York has remained silent in the wake of civilian massacare currently undertaken by the Israelis. I guess when it comes to Israel, the Human Rights charters does not apply. But when it comes to scholars of Islam, the full letter of the Human Rights charter is relevant.

The other sad part is anyone who highlights this fact is also deemed as sympathizers of terrorism. In order to avoid being labeled a terrorist sympathizer, one must remain silent to atrocities committed by the Western powers and not to mention Israel.

One must remain a constant hater of Muslims trying to defend themselves form israeli atrocities just to avoid being accused of being a terrorist sympathizer.

Israel is Very Good At Raising Sympathy

The average public is not to be blamed either for having such double standard in their view of terrorism. The reason for being so, is that Israel is good at raising sympathies.

For example, back in the 1970s there was a Neo Nazi rally held in Chicago that had sparked a lot of sympathy for Israel in America. After 20 years it turned out the leader of the Neo Nazi plus organizer was himself of Jewish decendent. He is so Jewish that he qualifies to receive Israeli citizenship under the Law of Return.

Another is the story of 6 million Jews being killed by the Nazis. The trouble with this story is that more people died in the hands of the Russians as compared to the Jews. Yet, to date people only remembered the Jews and no one cares about the Ukrainian, Azeris, Chechens, Cossacks etc whom was massacared by the Russians.

Another example is their story of Palestine being their land and that they have been denied of a state for thousands of years. What is never mentioned is that the Jewish people have abandoned Israel since they were enslaved by the Nebucenassar. Twice they had the chance to return to Israel but they refused.

Plus, 90% of Jews in Israel are Ashkenazi which means they originated from Khazaria, an area in Georgia. They have no relations to the Jews mentioned in the Bible or the Quran. They are totally different people altogether.

They also go around the world saying that they are discriminated. But in truth Israel is the most racist state in the world. They are the last Apartheid state still in existence.

They are the most racists people on earth but they make racism a crime to others that is not of Jewish blood.

So there are so many inconsistencies and double standard when it comes to sympathizing with them.

But, we all tend to forget that.

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