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Thursday, December 11, 2008

NGO's Protesting Fatawa Agents of UMNO?

I have seen the pattern reappearing again. Back then when PAS introduced Islamic Penal Code (aka Al Jinayah) in Terengganu in 2002, the usual suspect of Anti Islam NGO's protested and was given ample coverage by the news media.

On the issue of "pengkid" and "yoga" you see the same usual suspect that decides to take to the street and protest. It is understandable considering these "usual suspects" are from the liberal secular ideology and therefore they have no respect for any religion.

They basically despise any form of enforcement related to religion. Plus, the issue of pengkik hit them in the head considering they are at the forefront of fighting for "homosexual" rights.

My point is simple: they are protesting against various religious issues for nothing more than to express their contempt against religion and expressing their true ideology and that is anti religion.

But, the recent protest against National Fatwa Council decision is unprecedented. In their protest against the "pengkik" fatwa, they actually organized street protest carrying banners and calling out names against the NFC. Of course, the usual chant is that the NFC is anti women.

Funny, one of the issue they raised against the fatwa is the relation between morality and women's body. Maybe they also need to ask why those in the advertising industry almost always uses women's body to sell their products. why scantily clad but thin women are almost always used as models to show off fashion designs. When was the last time you saw a fat, overweight fashion model?

So, women's body is a commodity and it is related to morality. Otherwise, it wouldn't have been exploited by those in the advertising industry.

The Acts Looks More Like Provocation to Drive a Wedge Between Races and Benefit BN

Just like with PAS Terengganu in 2002, the actions of these NGO's have always benefited the Barisan Nasional. In 2004, we saw how Non Muslims almost completely rejected PAS and Barisan Alternatif despite the fact that the Terengganu Syariah Enacment clearly spelled out that non muslims are not subject to the law.

In our present day context, the actions of these NGO's, due to it's unprecendented nature, will give valuable ammunition to UMNO psy war machinery to enable them to convince Malays that Islam is under siege.

And the main cause for such development is the routing of UMNO is several states and the lost of 2/3 majority of BN and UMNO in Parliament. Malays being gullible to racial and religous sentiment messages will swallow these punts very easily.

I can almost see these points being used in the upcoming Kuala Terengganu by-elections. They will play the footage of NGO demonstrating against NFC over and over again just like they did with the Saiful Bukhari swearing ceremony. The kampung folks will just take this at face value and believe that the defeat of UMNO will spell disaster for Islam

These NGO Doesn't Have the Faintest Idea of What Islam Stands For

Anti Islam NGO's like Sisters in Islam, WAO and many more have demonstrated their ignorance of Islamic jurisprudence again and again. The biggest example is the about turn that SIS did during the Islamic Family Law 2005 issue.

My sources told me that SIS representatives have been severely embarrassed during their debates with representatives of the AG Chambers. In fact, the SIS lacks all expertise in matters related to the Malaysian legal system. And no where did it show so glaringly than during the several sessions they had in the AG Chambers.

In fact, among the Muslim-Malay communities, SIS is very much a pariah and viewed in the same light as the Ayah Pin movement.

But if you noticed English papers like The Star gives extensive coverage to freaky NGO like SIS while totally neglecting mainstream islamic NGOs in Malaysia which I might add outnumber freaky liberal NGO like SIS 100 to one.

It's all a concerted effort to drive a wedge within the opposition ranks and to strengthen the Malay support for UMNO.

And these freaky NGOs are helping the UMNO cause. Period.

Tulang Besi

ps Isn't Nori Abdullah a member of SIS?
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