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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Penerangan Bagaimana Yahudi Masuk ke Bukit Aman..

Rupanya Raja Petra telah mendedahkan kemasukan Yahudi ke Bukit Aman semenjak 2008 lagi. Namun tiada tindakan yang diambil.

Secara ringkasnya, kemasukan Yahudi tersebut adalah melaluli sebuah syarikat yang berpengkalan di Singapura bernama Asiasoft (Singapore) Pte Ltd.

Syarikat ini telah mendapat “sub-con” dari 3 syarikat Bumiputra yang diberikan kontrak untuk menaiktaraf sistem computer Polis Diraja Malaysia. Mereka adalah:

a.Master Plan Consulting Sdn Bhd (357303-V)
b. System Protocol Information Sdn Bhd (603787-M)
c. D. G. Kom Sdn Bhd (87537-V)

Ketiga-tiga syarikat Bumiputra ini dilaporkan telah “dipaksa” untuk memberikan kontrak yang telah diberikan kepada mereka kepada syarikat Asiasoft (Singapore) PTE Ltd ini melalui cawangan Malaysia mereka bernama Asiasoft (M) Sdn Bhd (150529-H).

Dua dari Ahli Lembaga Pengarah Asiasoft (Singapore) Pte Ltd adalah warga Israel:
a. Izhak David Nakar (Israeli passport number 10902695)
b. Ido Schechter (Israeli passport number 56626252) – dia ini masih lagi seorang Kapten dalam Tentera Israel (Israeli Defence Forces).
Secara mudah lagi, Asiasoft (M) Sdn Bhd (150529-H) pula dipunyai oleh sebuah syarikat bernama Top Image Systems Limited yang berpengkalan di Tel Aviv.

Di bawah saya nukil artikel dari RPK untuk rujukan kita semua. Soalnya sekarang, mengapa boleh sampai jadi begini? Sewaktu DSAI membentangkan kes ini di Parlimen, terdapat satu laporan polis yang dibuat oleh salah seorang anggota polis juga.

Laporan itu adalah kerana terdapat beberapa warga Yahudi Israel yang telah masuk ke bilik server PDRM di Bukit Aman.

Juga, mengapa ketiga-tiga syarikat Bumiputra itu terpaksa menyerahkan kontrak tersbeut kepada Asiasoft (M) Sdn Bhd? Itu persoalan yang masih belum terjawab sehingga sekarang.

Saya hendak mencadangkan slogan baru untuk UMNO:


Tulang Besi

Bukit Aman’s Israeli connection (UPDATED WITH CHART).


Tuesday, 06 April 2010 Super Admin

On 27 June 2008, Malaysia Today revealed that Israeli intelligence had penetrated Bukit Aman. Malaysia Today said, Izhak David Nakar served in the Israel Air Force and developed the intelligence system for the Israeli Defense Force. Ido Schechter is a captain in the Israeli Air Force. They are both behind PDRM’s computerisation program.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Anwar claims Bukit Aman infiltrated by Israeli spies

Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim continued attacking the government today over what he claimed was its infiltration by Israeli intelligence, by alleging in Parliament that agents working for Tel Aviv had worked as contractors in Bukit Aman Federal police headquarters.

In what seems clearly as an attempt to reduce the Barisan Nasional (BN) government’s credentials among conservative Muslims, Anwar claimed that Israeli agents have worked in Bukit Aman’s communications server room.

He claimed that the agents were working for Asiasoft Malaysia, a sub-contractor engaged by Master Plan Consulting Sdn Bhd to perform an upgrade of communication systems for the police.

Anwar named Police Director of Logistics Mansuri Zainal as the person who had made the allegation in a letter to the Home Ministry which was also signed by an unnamed Special Branch officer.

Anwar did not say how he obtained the information surrounding the allegation.

“On Nov 25, 2008, the then Home Minister was briefed at 4pm in the KLIA VIP room about concerns raised by the police, specifically, the logistics department and the special branch,” he told Parliament when debating the Supplementary Supply Bill.

“Then between November and December, a police report was lodged by the responsible police officers and investigated by one ASP Sairah. Then Sairah was transferred to Taiping and there was no news after that,” he said. -- The Malaysian Insider


The Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) is in the process of computerising its operations so that it is better equipped to solve and reduce serious crimes such as Bloggers slandering the Deputy Prime Minister’s wife and whatnot.

Three companies have been short-listed to undertake this work -- Master Plan Consulting Sdn Bhd, System Protocol Information Sdn Bhd and D. G. Kom Sdn Bhd. But these three companies were given different phases of these contracts on condition that they all sub-contract the work to Asiasoft (M) Sdn Bhd.

Who are the people behind Asiasoft and how come they wield immense power in the police force? And what is the Israeli link?

Let us examine the facts.

Master Plan Consulting Sdn Bhd (357303-V)

The company is owned by Raja Azlina Binti Raja Abdul Jalil (3 million shares) and Ahmad Firdaus Bin Abdul Halim (2 million shares). They are both Directors of the company. The company has RM26 million in assets and RM6.6 million in liabilities with a paid up capital of RM5 million.

System Protocol Information Sdn Bhd (603787-M)

The company is owned by Aswadi Anuar Bin Shamsudin (350,000 shares) and Mohd Supardi Bin Abdul Majid (150,000 shares). The Directors are Aswadi and Raziah Binti Sidek who share the same residential address and therefore could be husband and wife. The company has about RM2.3 million in assets and RM1.8 million in liabilities with a paid up capital of RM500,000.

D. G. Kom Sdn Bhd (87537-V)

The company is owned by Saki Almahdaly Holdings Sdn Bhd (6,075,000 shares), WYN Resources Sdn Bhd (1,215,000 shares), PFB & Anak-anak Holdings Sdn Bhd (405,000 shares) and Prodaya Sdn Bhd (405,000 shares). The Directors are Syed Abd Kadir Bin Ibrahim, Dato’ Mohammad Radzi Bin Salleh and Nor Azman Bin Abdul Karim. The company’s assets are RM26 million against liabilities of RM19 million with paid up capital of RM7.6 million.

Asiasoft (M) Sdn Bhd (150529-H)

The company is owned by Bees System Sdn Bhd (350,000 shares) and Asiasoft (Singapore) Pte Ltd (15,000 shares). The Directors are Toh Kian Hong (Singapore citizen), Lim Tze Kuang and Lim See Hui. The assets of the company are RM4 million against liabilities of RM1.8 million with a paid up capital of RM500,000.

Bees System Sdn Bhd (422358-V)

The company is owned by Lim See Hui (12,500 shares) and Lim Tze Kuang, Lim Mee Yoke, Lim Moi Lan, Lim Mooi Kim and Lim Mee Chin (who own RM2,500 shares each). The Directors are Lim Mooi Kim, Lim Mee Yoke, Lim See Hui, Lim Mee Chin and Seow Bee Ching @ Chee Bee Ching. The company’s assets are RM7.7 million against liabilities of RM4.8 million with a paid up capital of RM25,000.

Asiasoft (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Toh Kian Hong, the Singaporean Director of Asiasoft (M) Sdn Bhd, is also a Director of Asiasoft (S) Pte Ltd. The other Directors are Izhak David Nakar (Israeli), Ido Schechter (Israeli) and Shoshani Eliahou Moshe (Israeli with Singapore PR). The company is wholly owned by Asiasoft Global Pte Ltd.

Asiasoft Global Pte Ltd

The Directors of the company are Toh Kian Hong (Singapore citizen), Izhak David Nakar (Israeli) and Ido Schechter (Israeli). The shareholders are Toh and Top Image System Limited (Israel).

Top Image Systems Limited

You can read about the company in the following link:

Izhak David Nakar (Israeli passport number 10902695)

Izhak David Nakar founded Top Image Systems Limited and served as Chairman of the Board and CEO from inception until May 2001. In 2005, he was re-elected as the Chairman of the Board and in this position is responsible for TIS’s strategic M&A activity.

Mr. Nakar served in the Israel Air Force from 1970 to 1987, where he led various large-scale highly technical development projects, including leading a development team that worked in cooperation with the U.S. Air Force. He received his B.Sc. in Computer Science from Bar Ilan University in 1982, and an MBA from Tel-Aviv University in 1984. Mr. Nakar is a recipient of the “Israel Defense Award,” bestowed annually by the President of Israel, for the development of high-tech systems in the field of intelligence for the Israeli Defense Force. He also received the “Man of the Year Award” in Business and Management (‘95-’96) in recognition of his business accomplishments and contributions to the growth and development of Israeli high-tech companies.

In 1998, Mr. Nakar founded NIR4YOU Capital, a privately held investment company specializing in early stage investments in high–tech companies. NIR4YOU Capital has 14 companies on its portfolio including: ForesCout, e-mobilis, TopGuard, Matearis, Video Codes, SundaySky, Secur DI, MomSense, etc. Three of the 14 companies were sold to large enterprises, including SAP and Microsoft. In 2004 Mr. Nakar was elected as a Board member of the Israel-Japan chamber of Commerce.


Ido Schechter (Israeli passport number 56626252)

Dr. Schechter has been with Top Image Systems Limited for 9 years and is serving as the Company's CEO since January 2002. Prior to that, Dr. Ido Schechter was the Company's Vice President of Sales and Marketing from August 1996. From January 1995 until August 1996, Mr. Schechter served as General Manager of Super Image, an affiliate of the Company; which operates a form processing service bureau.

From August 1993 to December 1994, Mr. Schechter oversaw the start-up of automatic form processing services at Israel Credit Cards, Ltd. From 1991 to 1993, Mr. Schechter was a research scientist at the Horticultural Research Institute of Ontario, Canada. Mr. Schechter is the recipient of eight Honors and Scholarships, has published or presented more than twenty-five articles and is a Captain in the Israeli Air Force. Mr. Schechter received his Ph.D. and M.Sc. in Plant Physiology from the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada and his B.Sc. from the Hebrew University in Israel.

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

PENDEDAHAN: Dokumen Perjanjian APCO-UMNO

NOTA EDITOR: Ada 3 perjanjian yang Tulang Besi terima. Setakat ini Tulang Besi hanya akan mendedahkan satu perjanjian sahaja antara Kerajaan Malaysia (baca UMNO) dengan APCO, sebuah syarikat pelobi pro Zionis. Perjanjian ini ada 9 muka surat. Diharap dapat membaca setiap muka surat dengan teliti. Nanti Tulang Besi akan dedahkan hubungan APCO dengan Ehud Barak pula yang telah membuahkan idea "1Israel". Klik perjanjian ini untuk melihat dengan lebih jelas.

Syukur alhamdulillah "kerajaang perpaduang" tidak jadi. Kalau tidak PAS nanti terpaksa berpadu dengan Yahudi-Zionis pula. Entah-entah idea Kerajaang Perpaduang ni datang dari APCO. Bukan ke Israel salah satu contoh "Kerajaang Perpaduang" yang diberikan oleh Presiden tempohari?

"HARAKAH:Boleh Dato' Seri kemukakan contoh-contoh apa yang dikatakan "Unity Government" yang dipakai di mana-mana? Image

PRESIDEN:Konsepnya mesti berubah dan bukan apa yang ada pada hari ini. Sebagai contoh, di Indonesia yang saya sebut tadi. 'Unity Government' di Indonesia berlaku pemisahan kuasa dengan 'SPR' atau Pemilu di Indonesia dengan badan politik. Pemisahan kuasa dengan badan kehakiman, sehingga badan kehakiman di Indonesia boleh menyeret Suharto ke mahkamah, boleh menyeret Perdana Menteri dan Menteri-menteri ke Mahkamah jika melakukan kesalahan. Ini kita (PAS) hendak bersihkan negara.

Di Israel sebagai contoh, Perdana Menteri Israel pun boleh dibawa ke mahkamah dan disiasat. Ini 'Unity Government' dan pilihan raya di Indonesia adalah pilihan raya yang berubah. Di mana Barisan Nasional tidak ada hak memonopoli TV termasuklah semua parti boleh menggunakan TV."


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