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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rakaman Peserta Demo Mesir Ditembak Polis Mesir

Saksikan sendiri bagaimana Polis Mesir membunuh seorang pendemo yang tidak bersenjata. Beginilah gambaran betapa kejamnya regim Mubarak dan sekutu-sekutunya. Lihatlah sendiri kekejaman sekutu Amerika dan sekutu Yahudi ini.

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kesah "Special Branch" Mesir Menyiksa Tahanan Di Saksikan Wartawan New York Times

NOTA EDITOR: Sewaktu Tulang Besi berada di Mesir dahulu, TUlang Besi ada mendengar kesah beberapa orang pelajar Malaysia ditangkap "Al Mukhabarat"(Special Branch Mesir) kerana mengambil gambar di tempat yang tidak diizinkan.

Khabarnya pelajar-pelajar Malaysia itu cuma duduk di dalam penjara bawah tanah "Special Branch Mesir", namun kesan psikologi kepada mereka cukup serius. Dikhabarkan, pelajar2 yang ditangkap itu terus keluar dari Mesir dalam keadaan ketakutan dan terganngu emosi yang sangat serius. Khabarnya, kesan dari tahanan tersebut, mereka tidak lagi kembali ke Mesir untuk meneruskan pelajaran mereka.

Yang dikesali adalah sikap Kedutaan Malaysia pada masa itu yang buat tidak acuh. Yang menyelamatkan mereka adalah Naib Presiden PMRAM yang sanggup turun ke penjara bawah tanah tersebut merayu-rayu sehingga menangis meminta pelajar-pelajar Malaysia tersebut dilepaskan. Kalau silap cara, Naib Presiden PMRAM pada masa itu pun mungkin ditangkap dan disiksa sama.

Rupanya, 2 orang wartawan New York Times di bawah mendapat "nikmat" menyaksikan sendiri kezaliman penjara bawah tanah milik "Special Branch Mesir". Apa yang didengari dan disaksikan oleh kedua-dua wartawan NY Times ini adalah seperti yang dialami oleh pelajar-pelajar Malaysia tersebut.

Mengikut kawan Mesir Tulang Besi, bilangan agen "Mukhabarat" ini sangat ramai. Dianggarkan, seorang agen SB Mesir bagi setiap bangunan apartmen di Mesir. Sesiapa sahaja boleh ditangkap dan disiksa semata-mata laporan dari agen SB Mesir ini. Tidak perlu ke mahkamah ataupun tidak diizikan khidmat peguam.

Dikhabarkan tahanan2 SB Mesir ini disiksa, dipukul, dibiarkan kebuluran, dirogol, dibunuh dan macam-macam lagi. Begitu hebat "skill" SB Mesir menyiksa manusia, sewaktu selepas 911, Amerika telah menghantar ramai orang yang disyaki pengganas ke Mesir untuk disiksa dan mendapat pengakuan.

Semoga tulisan wartawan2 NYTIMES ini akan membuka mata kuasa-kuasa Besar supaya mempercepatkan kejatuhan Mubarak yang zalim ini.

2 Detained Reporters Saw Secret Police’s Methods Firsthand

Andre Pain/European Pressphoto
WE had been detained by Egyptian authorities, handed over to the country’s dreaded Mukhabarat, the secret police, and interrogated. They left us all night in a cold room, on hard orange plastic stools, under fluorescent lights.
But our discomfort paled in comparison to the dull whacks and the screams of pain by Egyptian people that broke the stillness of the night. In one instance, between the cries of suffering, an officer said in Arabic, “You are talking to journalists? You are talking badly about your country?”
A voice, also in Arabic, answered: “You are committing a sin. You are committing a sin.”

We — Souad Mekhennet, Nicholas Kulish and a driver, who is not a journalist and was not involved in the demonstrations — were detained Thursday afternoon while driving into Cairo. We were stopped at a checkpoint and thus began a 24-hour journey through Egyptian detention, ending with — we were told by the soldiers who delivered us there — the secret police. When asked, they declined to identify themselves.

Captivity was terrible. We felt powerless — uncertain about where and how long we would be held. But the worst part had nothing to do with our treatment. It was seeing — and in particular hearing through the walls of this dreadful facility — the abuse of Egyptians at the hands of their own government.

For one day, we were trapped in the brutal maze where Egyptians are lost for months or even years. Our detainment threw into haunting relief the abuses of security services, the police, the secret police and the intelligence service, and explained why they were at the forefront of complaints made by the protesters.
Many journalists shared this experience, and many were kept in worse conditions — some suffering from injuries as well.

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, over the period we were held there were 30 detentions of journalists, 26 assaults and 8 instances of equipment being seized. We saw a journalist with his head bandaged and others brought in with jackets thrown over their heads as they were led by armed men.

In the morning, we could hear the strained voice of a man with a French accent calling out in English: “Where am I? What is happening to me? Answer me. Answer me.”

This prompted us into action — pressing to be released with more urgency, and indeed fear, than before. A plainclothes officer who said his name was Marwan gestured to us. “Come to the door,” he said, “and look out.”
We saw more than 20 people, Westerners and Egyptians, blindfolded and handcuffed. The room had been empty when we arrived the evening before.
“We could be treating you a lot worse,” he said in a flat tone, the facts speaking for themselves. Marwan said Egyptians were being held in the thousands. During the night we heard them being beaten, screaming after every blow.

We were on our way back to Cairo after reporting about the demonstrations from Alexandria for The Times. We were traveling with journalists from the German public television station ZDF, a normal practice in such conditions — safety in numbers.

At the outskirts of Cairo, we were stopped at what looked like a civilian checkpoint.
We had been through many checkpoints without problems, but after the driver opened our trunk a tremendous uproar began. They saw a large black bag with an orange ZDF microphone poking out. In the tense environment, television crews had been attacked and accused of creating anti-Egyptian propaganda. We had been in the middle of a near-riot with the same crew the day before.

The crowd shouted and banged on the car, pulling the doors open. The ZDF crew in the other car managed to drive off, while we were stuck. Instead of dragging us out as we expected, two men pushed their way into the backseat. We were relieved that they were taking us from the crowd, until one pulled out his police identification. Rather than helping us escape, he was now detaining us.

The officer gave the driver directions to an impromptu police station in the Sharabiya district of Cairo, on the roof of a lumber warehouse. The officer in charge there, who identified himself as Ehab, said they were the secret police.
They searched the ZDF bags and found much more than just a camera. “We have a woman with a German passport of Arab origin and an American in a car with camera, satellite equipment and $10,000,” he said. “This is very suspicious. I think they need to be checked.”

Anxiety turned to anticipation when we were driven to a military base. The military had been the closest thing Egypt had to a guarantor of stability and we thought once we explained who we were and provided documentation we would be allowed to go to our hotel.

In a strange exchange that only made sense later, Ms. Mekhennet asked a soldier, “Where are you taking us?” The soldier answered: “My heart goes out to you. I’m sorry.”
After driving to several more bases we were told we were being handed over to the Mukhabarat at their headquarters in Nasr City.
It was sundown when they had us bring everything in from the car. The items were inventoried, from socks and a water bottle to a band of 50 $100 bills. Our cellphones, cameras and computers were confiscated.

We were taken to separate rooms with brown leather padded walls and interrogated individually. Mr. Kulish’s interrogator spoke perfect English and joked about the television show “Friends,” mentioning that he had lived in Florida and Texas.
The Mukhabarat has had a working relationship with American intelligence, including the C.I.A.’s so-called rendition program of prison transfers. During our questioning, a man nearby was being beaten — the sickening sound somewhere between a thud and a thwack. Between his screams someone yelled in Arabic, “You’re a traitor working with foreigners.”

Egyptian journalists had a freer hand than many in the region’s police states, but the secret police kept a close eye on both journalists and their sources. As the protests became more violent, a campaign of intimidation against journalists and the Egyptians speaking to them became apparent. We appeared to have stumbled into the middle of it.

Ms. Mekhennet asked her interrogator, “Where are we?” The interrogator answered, “You are nowhere.”
We were blindfolded and led to the blank room where we would spend the night and into the next afternoon on the orange plastic chairs. The screams from the torture made it nearly impossible to think.
We were not physically abused. Ms. Mekhennet explained that she had been sick and a man appeared with a blood-pressure gauge, but she declined the offer. One officer gave each of us Pepsi and a small package of cookies. It was after 10 o’clock at night, and we had not eaten since breakfast, but the agonizing cries instantly stilled our appetites.

We were told we could go in the morning, and starting at 6 a.m. we asked repeatedly to be released.
Marwan first appeared around 11 a.m. He became visibly annoyed by our requests, complaining that thousands of Egyptians civilians were in detention. He did not appreciate our sense of entitlement.
That was when he opened the door and showed us our handcuffed, blindfolded colleagues from international news outlets. He said that he was exhausted, but would find our cellphones and computers.
About an hour later, we were given back our belongings. Our greatest fear, that the innocent driver would be kept for “processing,” did not come to pass.
We left together, with pangs of guilt as we saw our blindfolded, injured colleagues again, and new people led in, past guards with bulletproof vests and assault rifles.
Were we going to a hotel? we asked.
“You don’t get to know that,” a guard answered.
They put us in our car with orders to put our heads down. “Look down, and don’t talk. If you look up you will see something you don’t ever want to see.”
They left us that way for 10 minutes. The only sounds were of guns being loaded and checked and duct-tape ripping.
An interrogator appeared and asked our driver, “What did you do in Tahrir Square?” He said we weren’t there. The interrogator said to the driver, “So you’re a traitor to your country.”
In Arabic, Ms. Mekhennet, a German citizen with Arab roots, kept telling the questioner that we are journalists for The New York Times. “You came here to make this country look bad,” the interrogator said.
We were told we would be driving out in our car, but escorted by a man with an assault rifle. Again, we were told to look down.
Finally, after a while, our escort ordered the driver to stop the car and got out. “You can go now.”
The driver began yelling “Alhamdulillah” or “Praise be to God.” We looked around and realized we were alone, somewhere in the middle of Cairo, but away from the protests, the normal street traffic slowly moving past.

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A Lesson from Tenang, MCLM and Malay Voter's Mindset

In a direct response to the PKR recently concluded party elections, the "Third Force" headed by Raja Petra Kamaruddin and Haris Ibrahim formed what we have come to know now as MCLM-"Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement"

You can read their agenda and programs by clicking on the name above.

My only question is, based on the recently concluded Tenang by elections, how does an organization like MCLM can make themselves attractive to the Malay electorate? Can someone like HAris Ibrahim command the respect and support of the Malay voters in a constituency like Tenang?

The Malays are paranoid when it comes to Malay rights. PAS tried to be ambivalent. They adopted a "clean campaign" free from mud slinging and bad mouthing tactics.

Most importantly, PAS decided not to play the "Malay Issue". Whatever issued that was played, it was either related to PAS's candidate's credibility (which is head above shoulders compared to that of UMNO's) or national issue which cuts across the race barrier. No Malay issues was played throughout the campaign.

As for UMNO, in addition to the lies, falsehood and slanders they threw at the PAS candidate and leaders, they went beserk playing the race card. Everything that came out from their mouth is nothing more than the dangers that Malays faced with the DAP coming into power in the form of Pakatan Rakyat.

When the ballots were counted, granted that UMNO only increased their tally by 332 votes (close to 2% of votes casted), they managed to keep the Malay votes they received in 2008 intact.

They lost on the CHinese and a bit on the Indian votes but then again most of the Chinese voters could not come out to vote because of the floods. The rescue boats were the sole use for ferrying UMNO voters.

So, UMNO can boast that they have managed to keep Malay voters from shifting sides. THe effect of tsunami 2008 on the Maly electorate has been mitigated. Now, they can move towards getting the Chinese and Indian votes.

My question to MCLM is that: What contribution can you bring forth in order to gain increase the Malay tally for Pakatan Rakyat (or against BN)?

This topic may point out to whether MCLM is really relevant to the current Malaysian political scenario.

Tulang Besi

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Propaganda UMNO dan Mubarak Sama Sahaja

Dalam percubaan terakhir beliau mahu mempertahan kuasa, Mubarak memberi jaminan mahu mengembalikan kestabilan kepada negara Mesir.

MAsaalahnya, sebelum ini, kestabilan yang dikecapi oleh rakyat Mesir adalah melalui penyiksaaan tahanan, korupsi, nepotisma, kronisma, kebuluran dan sebagainya.

Saya teringat sewaktu kita mengadakan Himpunan Bersih sebelum 2008. UMNO dengan otomatik menubuh kita cuba mencetuskan huru-hara dan keadaan tidak stabil.

Padahal, protes BERSIH itu dilakukan kerana pihak SPR bersikap TIDAK ADIL dan BERAT SEBELAH. SPR telah menjadi parti komponen Barisan Nasional yang ketigabelas.

Baik Mubarak mahupun UMNO, mereka menjual idea kestabilan kerana mereka mahu rakyat negara masing-masing menerima segala yang dilakukan oleh mereka tanpa soal. Bila kita protes dan marah, mereka tuduh kita mahu mencetuskan huru hara.

Namun, apabila kita ikut mereka, kita terus menerus dirompak dan ditipu oleh mereka. Harga barang makin naik, pendapatan kita tidak berubah, pemikiran kita terus dikongkong.

Itu yang di Malaysia, rakyat Malaysia terpaksa bayar tol semata-mata mahu menyelamatkan Bangunan PWTC dari dilelong oleh Bank Bumiputra.

Sebagai penutup, sedarlah. Apabila UMNO atau MUbarak menyebut perkataan "kestabilan", mereka hanya mahu kita mengikut telunjuk mereka tanpa soal supaya mereka boleh terus merampok kekayaan negara untuk kroni-kroni mereka sahaja.

Tulang Besi
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Friday, February 4, 2011

Revolusi Mesir Menghalang Tulang Besi Menulis Berkenaan Isu Malaysia

Masa lapang Tulang Besi sekarang dihabiskan menonton Al Jazeera dan BBC kerana mengikuti perkembangan di Mesir. Tulang Besi pernah bekerja di Mesir dan bercampur dengan masyarakat setempat. Tulang Besi melihat sendiri penderitaan rakyat Mesir dan cuba merasai kesusahan mereka.

Apabila melihat rakyat Mesir bangun untuk menjatuhkan kerajaan mereka, maka TUlang Besi merasa begitu terharu dan bersyukur kepada Allah SWT. Buat pertama kali, rakyat Mesir mempunyai peluang untuk membina masa depan yang lebih baik bagi masa depan anak cucu mereka.

Di bawah pemerintahan regim Mubarak, hanya kroni dan anak beranak Mubarak yang diizinkan kaya. Segala kekayaan Mesir di kaut oleh segelintir yang rapat dengan beliau. Bayangkan, beberapa CEO boleh dilantik dan duduk dalam Kabinet Mubarak. Pada waktu yang sama, mereka masih menjalankan perniagaan-perniagaan mereka.

Perkara yang sama juga berlaku di Malaysia. Dalam kes pemberian kontrak Lebuhraya Utara Selatan, konsessi tersebut diberikan kepada UEM yang dipunyai oleh Hatibudi Sdn Berhad. Pada masa yang sama, 4 anggota Kabinet Malaysia duduk sebagai Pemegang Amanah kepada Hatibudi Sdn Bhd. Mereka adalah: Dr Mahathir Muhammad, Sanusi Junid, Daim Zainuddin dan Ghaffar Baba.

Rupanya, rakyat Malaysia dipaksa bayar tol untuk menyelamatkan bangunan UMNO dari dilelong Bank Bumiputra. (Untuk membaca penerangan lebih detail, sila klik di sini)

Berbalik kepada Mesir, setelah sekian lama rakyat Mesir dihina, diperbodohkan, ditindas, disiksa dan ditipu, akhirnya rakyat Mesir bangun dan menuntu hak mereka serta mahu mengambil kembali kekayaan Mesir dari tangan kroni dan anak beranak Mubarak.

Kebangkitan ini menunjukkan zaman pemerintahan diktator ke atas umat Islam seluruh dunia menuju zaman akhir mereka. Para diktator ini diletak oleh penjajah sewaktu mereka meninggalkan negara umat Islam. TUjuan diletakkan diktator-diktator ini adalah untuk memastikan umat Islam tidak kembali kepada ajaran Islam yang syumul serta sentiasa lemah dan tidak mampu bangun sebagai kuasa dunia.

Misalnya Mubarak yang zalim ini, bukan setakat mendapat sokong padu dari negara Barat, tetapi mendapat sokongan padu dari Israel. Setakat ini, hanya Israel yang memberikan sokongan kepada Mubarak secara terbuka. Malahan, penulis-penulis Israel sekarang ini mengkritik Amerika kerana tidak mahu berusaha meneruskan pemerintahan Mubarak.

Ada khabar angin yang menyatakan Mubarak mungkin akan melarikan diri ke Israel. Juga, ada khabar angin mengatakan Mubarak sudah pun berada di Sharmul Sheikh kerana Sharmul Sheikh ini berada di sempadan Mesir-Israel. Mudah bagi beliau untuk melarikan diri ke Israel.

Para diktator di negara Umat Islam ini adalah hamba kepada musuh-musuah Islam. Mereka berfungsi memastikan umat Islam senantiasa lemah dan terjajah serta mengikut telunjuk Amerika dan Israel.

Para nasionalis ini adalah "munafiqeen" yang sentiasa berusaha melemahkan Islam dan umat Islam. Di hadapan kita mereka berkokok konnya mereka berjuang Islam. Tapi hakikatnya mereka adalah pengkhianat Islam nombor wahid.

Misalnya di Malaysia, UMNO ke sana ke mari berkokok memperjuangkan Islam. PAdahal, mereka yang keluarkan lesen judi bola. Dr. Mahathir yang telah isytihar Malaysia sebagai negara Islam itu telah memberikan lesen judi bola kepada Vinsetan beberapa bulan selepas membuat pengisytiharan tersebut.

UMNO juga bertanggungjawab menjual tanah rezab surau di Rawang seluas hampir satu ekar itu kepada tauke dalam keadaan UMNO mendakwa memperjuangkan hak Melayu dan ISlam.

Di Palestin pula, nasionalis Palestin telah menjual dan menggadai banyak tanah umat Islam kepada Palestin.(Baca di sini)

Pokoknya, para nasionalis ini adalah hamba kepada penjajah dan mereka tidak boleh dipercayai serta lidah bercabang.

Kalau Melayu hendak bangun dan maju, wajiblah umat Melayu mencampak UMNO ke Laut Cina Selatan.

Tulang Besi

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Islam Versi Dr. Mahathir: Beri Lesen Judi pada VInsetan

Loya tekak saya membaca serangan Dr Mahathir pada TOk Guru Nik Aziz dalam isu Islam. Kononnya Dr Mahathir mendakwa:

Dalam tulisan blognya semalam, Dr Mahathir mendakwa Islam dibawa oleh Nik Aziz, yang juga Menteri Besar Kelantan, “lebih teruk dari Islam nasionalis” dan menjadi penyumbang kepada perpecahan orang Melayu Islam negara ini.

Justeru, kata bekas perdana menteri, Nik Aziz rela mempertahankan Lee Kuan Yew dengan menganggap cadangan bekas perdana menteri Singapura itu supaya orang Islam Singapura tidak terlalu kuat berpegang kepada ajaran Islam adalah tidak seburuk dari Islam nasionalis Melayu.

Hairan saya. Apakah Islam Dr. Mahathir itu benar? Bukankah Dr Mahathir meluluskan lesen judi bola pada Vinsetan beberapa bulan selepas beliau mengisytiharkan Malaysia sebagai negara Islam?

Apa hak Dr Mahathir mempersoalkan Tok Guru Nik Aziz dari segi Islam sedangkan Islam Dr Mahathir jelas terpesong?

Serangan kepada Tok Guru Nik Aziz adalah kerana Tok Guru menolak penyatuan PAS-UMNO. Ini kerana Tok Guru tidak mahu sebuah perpaduan dengan perompak, penyokong judi dan pendusta.

Adakah itu satu dosa?

Tulang Besi
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Perbandingan Penjualan Arak di Selangor:UMNO vs Pakatan Rakyat

Di bawah adalah kesah benar yang saya ambil dari Facebook datang dari seorang ahli Facebook bernama Azamin Abidin.

Beliau membuat perbandingan penjualan arak di tempat beliau tinggal, Bangi, sebelum dan selepas Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat mengambil alih tampuk pemerintahan.

Ketahui saudara sekelian UMNO tidak pernah mahu membasmi arak. Cuma sekarang buat isu besar sebab nak fitnah kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat. Itu aje.

Macamana UMNO nak tutup kilang arak. Kilang Guiness Anchor di Sungai Way tu, bekas Presiden UMNO yang rasmi.

Selamat Membaca.
Azamin Abidin
masa berjanji... segala halangan nak tutuk kilang arak tu tak nampak.. sekarang ni nak tutuk ada benda yg kerajaan selangor tiada kuasa... mungkin bila PR poerintah malaysia baru boleh settle benda ni... tapi ada juga usaha usaha utk atasi...... bukan macam kerajaan selangor dulu... dan pasai apa dulu UMNO tak nak tutup???

sapa kata dulu shah alam dan bangi tak boleh jual arak??? dulu lagi bebas 7-11 jual arak... saya dulu duduk section 8 shah alam... dekat dgn yg kes 7-11 heboh tu.. Penduduk sec 8 dah mintak 7-11 tak jual arak sejak ianya mula dibuka tahun 2003-4 lagi.. aduan kat MBSA, kat ADuN tapi di bo layan... mai PR perintAH BARU ADA TINDAKAN... dan sekarang 7-11 di kawasan org IOslam dah tak boleh jual arak dah... 7-11 dgn sukarela buat after dialog dgn kerajaan selangor sekarang.. jangan berbohong di sini en. pasarmalam... ko ni duduk shah alam ke???
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KOMPAS: Indonesia Kirim 5 Pesawat Hercules ke Mesir. Malaysia Kirim Apa???

NOTA EDITOR: Dari maklumat Tulang Besi dapat, kerajaan Malaysia tidak akan mengirim apa-apa ke Mesir bagi menyelamatkan lebih 11k rakyat Malaysia di sana. Mengikut seorang kawan Tulang Besi:

"......kerajaan kata siapa nak keluar kena effort sendiri, including mara. ramai belum dapat tiket unutk keluar within 4 days......"

Kerajaan Indonesia tak fikir panjang. Mereka terus hantar 5 Hercules (C-130) untuk "evakuasi" rakyat mereka yang berjumlah tidak lebih 6000 orang itu. Khabarnya, rakyat Indonesia akan dibawa ke negara Arab berdekatan dan mereka boleh ambil pesawat komersial pulang ke Jakarta.

Selain pesawat, turut mengiringi rombongan ini adalah seorang Major Jeneral dari ABRI. Selain itu, beberapa penjawat jawatan tinggi dalam Abri.

Hairannya, Kerajaan Malaysia cuma boleh duduk diam sahaja. Padahal Malaysia pun banyak Hercules (C-130). Hantar Rosmah belanja ratusan ribu, boleh pulak????

Jangan lupa, rakyat Indonesia di Mesir 98% adalah terdiri dari pelajar-pelajar agama di Al Azhar.

Lima Pesawat Hercules Dikirim ke Mesir
Editor: Tri Wahono
Selasa, 1 Februari 2011 | 19:50 WIB

MALANG, — Tentara Nasional Indonesia akan mengirim lima pesawat Hercules ke Mesir untuk mengevakuasi warga negara Indonesia. Tiga pesawat dari Jakarta dan dua unit dari Malang.

Tiga pesawat Hercules dari Skadron Udara 31 Wing I Lanud Halim Perdanakusuma, Jakarta. Sementara dua unit dari Skadron Udara 32 Wing II Lanud Abdulrachman Saleh, Malang, Jawa Timur.

Wakil Asisten Kepala Staf TNI Angkatan Udara Bidang Operasional Marsekal Pertama FHB Bambang Soelistyo, Selasa (1/2/2011), mengatakan, dua pesawat Hercules dari Malang, yaitu Hercules A-1305 dan Hercules A-1316, telah diberangkatkan ke Lanud Halim Perdanakusuma.

"Kedua pesawat tersebut hari ini diberangkatkan ke Halim untuk bergabung dengan tiga pesawat Hercules lain. Masing-masing berangkat pukul 08.11 dan pukul 09.18," katanya.

Pesawat Hercules A-1305 dipiloti Komandan Skadron 32 Letnan Kolonel (Pnb) Wayan Suparman dengan kopilot Kapten (Pnb) Ari Sutiono. Sementara Hercules A-1316 dipiloti Mayor (Pnb) Hermawan. Bambang menjelaskan, selain menyiapkan lima pesawat yang akan diberangkatkan ke Mesir, TNI AU juga menyiapkan personel Paskhas.

"Personel Paskhas tersebut terdiri atas Detasemen Bravo 90 dan Paskhas yang sudah berpengalaman dalam UN Mission," katanya.

Menurut dia, pasukan itu terbagi dalam tiga kelompok yang mempunyai tugas tersendiri. Kelompok 15 bertugas sebagai komando pengendali, kelompok 42 sebagai tim inti dalam evakuasi, dan kelompok 45 sebagai ground handling.

"Tugas itu adalah bagian dari operasi militer selain perang yang merupakan tugas negara dan harus dijalankan demi menjaga nama baik TNI AU dan NKRI dengan menjaga penampilan, bertindak tegas, dan santun," ujar Bambang.

Pasukan tim evakuasi TNI AU dipimpin Komandan Tim Kolonel Psk Rolland DG Waha dan Komandan Detasemen Bravo '90 Letkol Psk M Juanda.

Dalam upaya mengevakuasi WNI di Mesir, Presiden menunjuk Wakil KSAU Marsekal Madya Sukirno sebagai Post-Commander Satuan Tugas Evakuasi WNI dan telah berangkat menuju Mesir, Senin malam.

Turut mendampingi Wakil KSAU adalah Mayor Jenderal (Mar) Affan Gafar (Dan Kormar), Marsma TNI Sudipo Handoyo (Danpuspomau), Kolonel (Pnb) Yuyu Sutisna (Asops Kohanudnas), dan Letkol Inf Almukolis Suryo, sebagai tim pendahulu.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Malaysia tidak Bantu Rakyat Malaysia Keluar Mesir. Indonesia Hantar Sebuah C-130

KOMPAS melaporkan Indonesia telah menghantar lima buah pesawat C-130 (lihat gambar) bagi menyelamatkan warga Indonesia yang dianggarkan seramai 6000 orang di Mesir. Warga-warga Indonesia ini kemudiannya dihantar ke negeri-negeri Arab yang berdekatan seperti Dubai dan Kuwait supaya mereka boleh pulang ke Jakarta dengan pesawat-pesawat komersial biasa.

Soalan saya adalah: Apa yang Malaysia hantar ke Mesir bagi menyelamatkan warga Malaysia yang dianggarkan dalam 11000+ jiwa?

Seorang rakyat Malaysia yang sekarang ini berada di Mesir menghantar email kepada inbox saya. Beliau berkata beliau sedang berusaha sendiri membeli tiket kapalterbang untuk keluar dari Mesir. Sepertinya rakyat Malaysia di Mesir tiada tempat untuk bernaung dan terkonteng-konteng bersendirian menyelamatkan diri mereka.

Kalau mengikut kawan saya ini:

"kerajaan kata siapa nak keluar kena effort sendiri, including mara. ramai belum dapat tiket unutk keluar within 4 days."

Jelas, kerajaan Malaysia tidak mahu membantu rakyat Malaysia keluar dari Mesir. Sedangkan Tentera Udara Malaysia pun ada C-130.

Indonesia Boleh!!! Malaysia..........tak tau la


Kepada semua yang ada kenalan di egypt, adik di sana tadi inform, najib announce agypt bagi masa 4 hari unutk rakyat malaysia keluar dari kuwait, lepas 4 hari stop untuk flight keluar.

Saya baru dapatkan tiket unutk adik dari alexandria, gulf air unutk esok, last seat, qatar airways tinggal 2 seat lagi (sejam lepas).

flight ke dubai penuh. sesiapa yang nak keluar dari wgypt especially dari alexandria, filght ke kuwait sti...ll banyak kosong, jazeera airways & kuwait airways.

internet di block, sms block, call sahaje boleh, atm tutup dari jumaat, catuan makan start dari jumaat. perintah berkurung 2pm-8am.

beli tiket flight lepas tu bagi no flight pakai call. kerajaan kata siapa nak keluar kena effort sendiri, including mara. ramai belum dapat tiket unutk keluar within 4 days.

Travel agent kata Britidh airways still ada flight dari alexandri unutk sekarang. Kalau ikut travel agent inform, kuwait akan akan terus ada flight ke egypt sebab ramai srudent kuwait di mseir, orang mesir pun ramai di kuwait, tapi tak tahu la sampai bile.


Tulang Besi

ps untuk pengetahuan saudara/ri sekelian, email di atas menyatakan ada pesawat yang terbang dari Alexandria. Jarak dari Kaherah ke Alexandria adalah 2 jam perjalanan dengan kereta. Dalam keadaan yang tidak stabil sekarang, kita boleh kena rompak atau kena bunuh kalau naik kereta ke Alexandria dari Kaherah.
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"Musuh Mesir adalah Mubarak, Bukan Orang Kristian"

Begitulah kata-kata Tulang Besi kepada seorang kawan Tulang Besi yang beragama Kristian Koptik sewaktu Tulang Besi bekerja di Mesir 3 tahun lepas.

Kawan Tulang Besi itu bernama Bassam yang beragama Kristian Koptik. Saya memberitahu beliau bahawa orang Kristian Mesir sudah hidup sebelah menyebelah dengan orang Islam sejak 1500 tahun yang lepas. Sepanjang masa itu, tiada pernah berlaku apa-apa masalaah antara Islam dan Kristian.

Begitu harmoninya Kristian Koptik Mesir sehingga:

1.0 Penganut Koptik Kristian Mesir tidak mengerjakan "Haji" mereka selagi Baitul Maqdis dibawah penguasaan Yahudi dan Zionis.

2.0 Mereka menggunakan kalimah Allah dalam upacara ibadah mereka tanpa ada SATU FATWA dari Al Azhar mengharamkannya

3.0 Kristian Koptik Mesir bersembahyang pada hari Jumaat berbanding Kristian lain yang bersembahyang pada hari Ahad.

4.0 Upacara-upacara keagamaan Kristian Koptik adalah dalam bahasa Arab, bukan Latin

5.0 Lelaki Islam Mesir bebas berkahwin dengan perempuan Kristian Koptik tanpa perempuan tersebut menukar agama mereka. Pada hari Jumaat, suami pergi masjid, isteri pergi gereja. Sehingga ada ulama Al Azhar pun berkahwin dengan perempuan Kristian Koptik.

6.0 Mereka tinggal sebelah menyebelah dan berjiran selama bertahun-tahun lamanya.

dan banyak lagi.

Bagi saya, adalah tidak bijak bagi orang Islam Mesir bermusuh dengan orang Kristian kerana kesusahan yang dihadapi oleh rakyat Mesir angkara Mubarak adalah dirasai oleh semua, tidak kira agama. Kezaliman Mubarak dirasai oleh semua rakyat Mesir tidak kira agama.

Maka, saya tambah lagi, Kristian dan Islam di Mesir wajib menumbangkan Mubarak dan membina sebuah masyarakat yang harmoni dan terjamin untuk masa depan mereka.

Kebetulan kami berborak sambil makan malam di Restoran Ghad. Kami turun ke bawah, dan terserempak dengan seorang "makcik" yang memakai tudung sedang duduk di kaki lima kedai tersebut. Kebetulan masa itu musim sejuk, makcik tersebut memakai selimut untuk memanaskan badan beliau.

Rupanya makcik tersebut tinggal di kaki lima dan mencari rezeki dengan meminta sedekah. Hati saya terus "jatuh" dan hiba melihat nasib makcik tersebut.

Saya dan Bassam terus mengeluarkan 5 geneh dan memberi makcik tersebut. Ertinya 3 tahun dahulu, orang-orang tua di Mesir sudah mulai tinggal di kaki-kaki lima di dalam kesejukan padang pasir Mesir.

Saya terus berkata kepada Bassam, dalam masa 2 atau tiga tahun lagi, akan berlaku satu revolusi besar-besaran di Mesir ini. Kalau orang-orang tua Mesir merempat di tepi-tepi jalan meminta sedekah untuk hidup, ertinya kezaliman di Mesir sudah terlampau meluas.

Terbukti tebakan saya itu benar, alhamdulillah.

Tulang Besi

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Di bawah adalah kesah benar yang saya ambil dari Facebook datang dari seorang ahli Facebook bernama Azamin Abidin.

Beliau membuat perbandingan penjualan arak di tempat beliau tinggal, Bangi, sebelum dan selepas Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat mengambil alih tampuk pemerintahan.

Ketahui saudara sekelian UMNO tidak pernah mahu membasmi arak. Cuma sekarang buat isu besar sebab nak fitnah kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat. Itu aje.

Macamana UMNO nak tutup kilang arak. Kilang Guiness Anchor di Sungai Way tu, bekas Presiden UMNO yang rasmi.

Selamat Membaca.
Azamin Abidin
masa berjanji... segala halangan nak tutuk kilang arak tu tak nampak.. sekarang ni nak tutuk ada benda yg kerajaan selangor tiada kuasa... mungkin bila PR poerintah malaysia baru boleh settle benda ni... tapi ada juga usaha usaha utk atasi...... bukan macam kerajaan selangor dulu... dan pasai apa dulu UMNO tak nak tutup???

sapa kata dulu shah alam dan bangi tak boleh jual arak??? dulu lagi bebas 7-11 jual arak... saya dulu duduk section 8 shah alam... dekat dgn yg kes 7-11 heboh tu.. Penduduk sec 8 dah mintak 7-11 tak jual arak sejak ianya mula dibuka tahun 2003-4 lagi.. aduan kat MBSA, kat ADuN tapi di bo layan... mai PR perintAH BARU ADA TINDAKAN... dan sekarang 7-11 di kawasan org IOslam dah tak boleh jual arak dah... 7-11 dgn sukarela buat after dialog dgn kerajaan selangor sekarang.. jangan berbohong di sini en. pasarmalam... ko ni duduk shah alam ke???
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Protect Israel. Mubarak Must be Kept as Egypt's President

In spite of the massive turnout of Egyptians EVERYWHERE in Egypt to anti Mubarak and anti government demonstrations, America is still dragging their feet in their treatment of Mubarak and his regime.

Until today, America has refused to take the right stand, and that is, to order Mubarak to vacate his office. All we hear from the White House are empty threats and utter rhetorics. Nothing concrete. Nothing solid.

America loves Mubarak. In a country where even the Coptic Christians hate Israel, America has a loyal friend in their undying support for Israel. When Israel was committing mass genocide in Gaza, Egypt lent their hand to Israel.

Mubarak has no qualm in assisting Israel in the genocide. To him, the genocide of Gaza serves Mubarak's interest in many ways. Among others:

1.0 Destroy Hamas simply because Hamas is the first opposition party in the Arab world to have managed to unseat a government through a free and fair elections

2.0 Further strengthen Mubarak's commitment to the cause of Israel and America. That would mean America questioning less of Mubarak's policy and governance especially in matters related to how Mubarak spends the US1.2 billion yearly aid

3.0 Build the trust of Israel on Mubarak even more making America mind less of Mubarak's rampant human rights violation and complete disrespect for democracy.

So, with the prospect of losing a very dear friend of Israel in a country where 90% of the population hates Israel to the maximum, America has decided to drag their feet when they were supposed to condemn the Mubarak regime for killing at least 100 Egyptians in the last 7 days.

It's no surprise that America has been consistent in their support for dictatorial regimes all over the world just to serve their interest (in this particular case, the survival of Israel).

We saw in the 60's and 70's how the US installed and propped dictators across South America. Millions suffered from torchers, murder, extreme poverty and many more. Yet, the US didn't even bat an eye lid. So, how can it be any different now in Egypt.

My advise to Egyptians, continue your protest until you get what you need. Do not wait for America. They will never move a muscle to allow Egyptians get rid of Mubarak. In fact, right now they are praying to their Gods for Mubarak's continuity.

Long Live the people of Egypt

Tulang Besi
As Egypt's Crisis Grows, So Do the Anxieties in Israel
By Karl Vick / Jerusalem Sunday, Jan. 30, 2011

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu firmly ordered his government not to comment on events in Egypt, but the headlines in the Sunday morning papers got the main point across well enough: "A 30-Year Step Backward," "What Frightens Us," "All Alone."

The banners matched the stakes. Egypt under President Hosni Mubarak observed the 1979 peace treaty with the Jewish state, helped put pressure on Hamas from Egypt's border with the Gaza Strip, nursed peace talks with the Palestinians, worked to thwart Iran and along the way provided Israel with 40% of its natural gas. (See TIME's photos of the turmoil in Egypt.)

Most important to a tiny, heavily militarized country preoccupied with risk reduction, analysts say, Mubarak's posture toward Israel served to restrain other Arab states — not to mention the 80 million Egyptians whose attitudes about Israel are among the most negative in the world, according to polls.

Whatever new government might emerge from the historic demonstrations across Egypt — populist, Islamist or national unity — "there can be no doubt that the new regime will seek to deal the peace with Israel a very public blow," Eli Shaked, a former Israeli ambassador to Egypt, writes in the daily Yedioth Ahronoth. "The only people in Egypt who are committed to peace are the people in Mubarak's inner circle."

So that was why Israelis welcomed Mubarak's appointment of intelligence chief Omar Suleiman as his first-ever Vice President. The mustachioed spymaster and former general was a regular visitor to Israel, where he consulted with Israeli defense and intelligence officials on the many issues the two countries held in common in what may have been a "cold peace," but one that has lasted three decades. (See how Hillary Clinton is dialing up the pressure on Mubarak.)

"Egypt and Israel had common strategic interests. To say they were allies is too much: they were not at war," says Shlomo Avineri, a political scientist at Hebrew University. "It is the premier Arab country, and no other country would go to war without Egypt. So there was a substructure of common strategic interest."

Avineri, who held a senior position in the Foreign Ministry of Yitzhak Rabin, describes two possibilities: military rule, with or without Mubarak as figurehead, or "chaos and disintegration" that ends with rule by Islamists and nationalists descended from Gamal Abdel Nasser, Egypt's second President. Israelis most dread the ascent of the Muslim Brotherhood, the most organized political opposition in Egypt, which like other Arab societies has grown more religious and conservative in recent decades.

"What will not come to pass is that Israel will have a democratic neighbor, because democracies don't appear overnight," Avineri tells TIME. "Look at Russia. You need a civil society. You need political tradition, pluralism, tolerance, existence of effective parties."

Israeli press reports described a weekend of frantic meetings in the upper echelons of government. The Israeli Defense Forces, which have concentrated most of their attention on the borders with Lebanon and Gaza, were described as preparing new deployments to the south, where Israel fought wars with Egypt four times. U.S. diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks last year included diplomats' complaints that the Egyptian military continued to regard Israel as its principal enemy and prepared for war in the Sinai Desert, which lies between them. (See how Israel is backing Mubarak.)

"I have no doubt that the whole defense establishment will now ask for bigger budgets and say, 'Well, we have to adjust ourselves to a situation where Egypt is not the cooperative partner we had until a week ago,'" says Oded Eran, director of the Institute for National Security Studies, a Tel Aviv think tank brimming with retired generals. "Egypt is sort of the beacon or marker for security tension, for dangers with the Arab world."

No one pretends to know the implications. After Egypt signed a peace treaty, Jordan followed, then the Palestine Liberation Organization. In time, the Arab League went from calling for war with Israel to formulating a 2002 plan to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with two states. (Comment on this story.)

But from the Israeli perspective, some of the dangers are immediate. Al-Jazeera aired an interview with an Islamic militant who in the chaos of the past few days had escaped a Cairo jail and made his way back to Gaza, where he pledged to resume attacks on Israel. He said thousands escaped with him.

"Yes, we are very, very worried about the situation," says an Israeli general. The officer spoke privately in observance of the government's order of radio silence, a harm-reduction measure Netanyahu reaffirmed in brief remarks to reporters before Sunday's regular Cabinet meeting. He had spoken with both President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton overnight. "At this time, we must show responsibility and restraint and maximum consideration," the Prime Minister said. "The peace between Israel and Egypt has lasted for more than three decades and our objective is to ensure that these relations will continue to exist."

— With reporting by Aaron J. Klein / Jerusalem

Read more:,8599,2045166,00.html#ixzz1CeC4Vbgl
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Kesah Benar: Bagaimana Penyelamat Banjir Sengaja Tidak Mengambil Pengundi PAS/PR

NOTA EDITOR: Kesah ini diberitakan oleh seorang ahli FB bernama Syabab PJ Selatan. Kalau hendak melihat kesah ini yang original, sila klik di sini.

Beliau bertugas di kg Paya Merah. Beliau dan rakan-rakan bertungkus lumus cuba membawa pengundi ke pusat mengundi. Apabila bot-bot bomba dan polis datang ke tempat mengambil pengundi beliau, bot tersebut berpatah balik. Terpaksalah syabab PJ Selatan meminta pertolongan sebuah lori asykar membawa pengundi ke tempat mengundi di dalam banjir.

Akhirnya, hanya satu lori sahaja yang dapat dibawa ke pusat mengundi. Pengundi lain semuanya tidak dapt mengundi.

Dengan hanya satu trak itu sahaja, PAS berjaya menang di UPU SM Kamaruddin dengan 300 undi lebih. Bayangkan kalau pengundi-pengundi lain dapat datang. Sudah tentu bilangan undi kepada PAS jauh lebih tinggi.

Syabab Pas Pj Selatan
: Saya berada di kg paya merah - jam 3ptg , hisyamudin keris datang dan tanya.."mana bot kita?" ketika itu saya didalam trak askar membantu mereka memindahkan pengundi yang tiba2 saluran bertukar ke sm kamarudin yg sebelum ini di sekolah cina( ditukar ke dewan semasa prk kali ni)

Syabab Pas Pj Selatan: kasihan melihat hanya seorang askar bertugas membantu pengundi dan seorang lagi askar drive lori , saya mengerahkan unit amal untuk sama-sama membaantu , hisyamudin akhirnya terpaksa naik trak untuk ke sm kamarudin, didalam trak penuh dengan pengundi cina

SSyabab Pas Pj Selatan: datang bot polis , mereka berpatah balik , datang bot bomba mereka berpatah balik...sapa pelik...kenapa?

Syabab Pas Pj Selatan: jika saya jahat , ketika hisyamudin hulurkan tangan nak naik trak saya boleh tarik dan lepaskan biar beliau jatuh dalam banjir...tapi sy bukan tarik tangan beliau atas dasar kemanusiaan

Syabab Pas Pj Selatan: tetapi apalah gunanya seorang menteri kdn berpura-pura naik trak bersama pengundi padahal beliau boleh arahkan bila2 masa bot2 untuk membantu memindahkan pengundi

Syabab Pas Pj Selatan
:untuk rekod...PAS menang majoriti 300 undi di sm kamarudin , disebabkan hanya sebuah trak askar , satu trip boleh memuatkan hanya 40 orang, dan ramai pengundi masih menunggu untuk mengundi walaupun jam sudah 4.45 petang, trak terakhir tiba jam 5.05 petang ketika SPR sudahpun umunkan tidak melanjutkan tempoh pengundian pada jam 4 ptg

Syabab Pas Pj Selatan: bagi mereka dalam fb..jika anda tidak ada pada masa kejadian , jangan cuba nak komen seperti anda berada disana..apa yang anda fikir x sama dengan apa yang kami rasa!

Syabab Pas Pj Selatan
: di pusat mengundi dewan sebaguna kg paya , kelihatan 2 orang wanita umno berada dikiri pintu masuk utama dan 2 orang petugas bn lelaki berada di pintu kanan...musykil bagaimana ini berlaku? - lihat bukti dalam akhbar sinar harian N2 31 januari 2010 , ini bukan akhbar harakah...tapi sinar harian!

Syabab Pas Pj Selatan
: bagaimana payung logo parti tidak boleh dimawa masuk ke pusat mengundi...tetapi ahli2 parti bn boleh masuk sampai ke pintu pusat mengundi..bukti jelas dalam akhbar sinar harian - mungkin editor x sedar atau mungkin Allah nak tunjuk betapa rakusnya be-end mencabul undang2 pilihanraya!
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ARiF merupakan jentera utama Harapan Baru di dalam membantu kelancaran gerakerja semua peringkat.

Kami ARiF Melaka memerlukan sumbangan dan bantuan kewangan daripada tuanpuan untuk kami melakukan gerakerja berkenaan. Oleh kerana kami masih baru, sumbangan diperlukan untuk menampung kos pakaian, membeli peralatan komunikasi, peralatan lalulintas dan sebagainya.

Kami amat berbebsar hati jika tuan/puan dapat menghulurkan sumangan kepada kami. Segala sumbangan diserahkan kepada pemegang amanah ARiF Melaka.

a/k Maybank : 104013154427

Hantarkan makluman bank-in melalui SMS/WA ke 016-981 1315 (H.ANUAR)

Semuga Allah membalas segala jasa baik tuan/puan semua.